Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Location Ideas in London - City of London near bank Station

Before I show case some of the designers we saw on Tuesday at LFW I will do a feature on 'location ideas for fashion shoots'.

One of my students has just finished an internship with Mathew Williamson and wants to do her final project (a brand campaign) on his AW 2010 collection show cased this week at LFW. She loved working for him and had an amazing time this week. She watched his show then went to the after show party at the Ivy rubbing shoulders with Twiggy, Sienna Millar and many other icons of fashion. She had worked really hard with the rest of the team and clearly Mathew Williamson knows how to look after his staff. They had a brilliant time.

Mathew Williamson's new collection is one of his most sophisticated and grown up to date. Gone is the Boho look that made his name. Designers need to develop and evolve if they are to maintain their slot at the top.

I suggested that the City of London would be a good location for a shoot. It epitomizes London.

The MW label is very much British brand and like Burberry it is something to be proud of.

The mix of historical and Modern architecture, the wide street and interesting sky lines all make the City a very interesting place visually.

I have used The Savoy, The Portman hotel (modern Art Deco) and The Hyde Park, which have some great suites with good light and depth of field. Generally the management is reluctant to let the hotel lobby or reception area be used because it is such a busy area which is a shame as these areas can be the most interesting.

Here is the Threadneedle hotel I stayed in last week owned by the Eton Group of hotels situated near bank station in the City. It used to be a Victorian bank and was redeveloped into a 5 star hotel by CA Design who incidentally are working on a new hotel in Berners street to be called very originally The Berners! opposite The Sanderson hotel in London.

I loved this dome which let in lots of light.

The reception though lovely is a bit cluttered and would be a problem because of this.
Generally if you are going to use a quiet area off the main reception the hotel if you pay are accommodating.

I will take a look at the City of London streets near Bank Tube next...... watch this space

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