Sunday, 28 February 2010

Sia Dimitriadi - London Fashion Week

I met Sia Dimitriadi on the first day of London Fashion Week and was immediately drawn to her stand. The pretty ruffles and flounce with frills create an alluring feminine silhouette which is very eye catching.
I discovered that she is based in Nicosia in Cyprus and has a studio of seamstresses busy beavering away creating her designs to order.
Sia launched her label in 2006 and is impressively a self- taught designer.
The collection is girlie but with a grown up and knowing sophistication.
At first glance and if you didn't take the time to look properly you could be forgiven for thinking Sia's collection was for lingerie market. Infact as Nick and I were chatting to her two Italian Lingerie buyers sped past stopping for a moment to give her their card!!
Sia uses mostly silk to create her designs of gorgeous frothy, flouncy, frilly and very feminine clothes.
Her winter collection is black and her summer collection pastels.

I went back to see Sia on the Tuesday of London fashion week with my colleague Nick Lodge a web site designer to see whether she needed any help defining her brand more effectively on the web. We will be putting some concepts together for her to look at and see how it goes from there. We believe she has a great look that if styled and photographed with a more everyday edge can really go places. watch this space.

Sia's summer colours

Sia at London Fashion week February 2010

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