Sunday, 7 February 2010

Meryl Streep - Consumer market awareness -

Creative Directing requires you to understand consumer markets, and where brands fall in terms of their target customer and age group. Thinking of which sector has the highest disposable income is a key area to get right.
What sort of lifestyle is it that consumers from these groups aspire to live for example?
For this reason I am posting some images of Meryl Streep from her most recent film 'It's complicated'. Streep has been enjoying somewhat of a renaissance in her career since doing 'Mama Mia', the biggest grossing movie amazingly of all time!
Her character in 'It's complicated' has all the classic role model attributes that make the world of commerce tick round. She is a survivor after love rat husband goes off with younger woman and leaves her with three children to bring up, ex husband finds marriage number two a deja vu situation and now sees his e wife's uncomplicated lifestyle, (she originated, owns and runs a successful baking business) and having children at university very attractive -
In the 80s Diane Keaton in 'Baby Boom' played the role of a mother who loses her high paid advertising job in New York because she has had a baby (in those days women thought they could have it all?) not defeated she heads back to the countryside and starts a business making organic baby food, this takes off and she does have it all, the man, the job status, and time with her baby. This was a dream aspiration then for women, many never fulfilled this goal of time with kids and successful career apart from Nichola Horlix!!
Streep in 'It's complicated' playing a 50 something (herself!) post babies looks amazing, her stylist should be congratulated, she gets her old husband back and a potential new lover - who does she choose - you will have to see the film......
The baby boomer market is an important and aspirational and lifestyle brands should be aware....

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