Sunday, 28 February 2010

Goodone - London Fashion Week -Estethica London Fashion Week

I enjoyed talking to Goodone founder Nin Castle at London fashion week last Tuesday.
It was at the end of the day and we had been wanting to find the Anatomy stand in the Ethethica zone of the LFW exhibition and literally stubbled upon the Goodone stand.

I discovered that Nin had studied Textiles at Brighton College of Technology, the same place as me except I studied Graphic design.

She graduated in 2002 and has been a true pioneer in sustainable fashion since. Basing her degree show collection on the sustainable textile concept she got little or no support from her tutors, more to do with the fact that this quest was new and previously unexplored territory Nin tactfully said. Through shear determination and persistence she sourced suppliers of recycled fabric for her collection and fashion brand that has followed.

This seasons collection has a sporty feel, is body conscious, modern and very flattering to the female form creating a sexy silhouette. What is impressive is it is a cool brand, the fact that it is ethical makes one question why can't more fashion retailers do this.

Goodone proves that there has to be absolutely no compromise on style to be ethical.

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