Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Kim Watson shoot for CSM London Art direction for Fashion Course - shot 8

The Results

This was the last shot taken on what was a very full day of creative Art Direction action ! Begum the Art director wanted to create something special for the last shot of the 'White Hot' editorial shoot for ID magazine to promote wearing white to keep cool and look hot in the City urban environment. Our location Granary Road fountains have been voted one of the top fountains in London and they are right outside St Martins new buildings. Photographer Kim Watson captured some amazing moments where the children started to interact with the model. Maya was a true professional and really worked it  - though she was quite cold believe it or not and was on full display to the public. The shots have an Arthur Elgort feel to them similar to the 80s glamour he became known for. 

Here we have Mayer ( Modes One ) in black and white. It gives the shot a different atmosphere creating textural focus.

© Schelay McCarter - Fashiontent - CSM pls credit.

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