Thursday, 10 July 2014

Photoshoot - Kim Watson, shot 4 Art Direction for Fashion, CSM London

Now onto shot 4 of our fashion forward editorial shoot focusing on whites for Summer 14 for ID magazine. The light in the corridor on a stair landing in the CSM Granary building was really beautiful and flat - perfect for taking some natural light shots without needing a reflector board with Kim using a fast shutter speed. The Art director Aurelys wanted a quirky shot with both models, the aim capturing a moment - this shot evolved into what you see now. The girls jumped in perfect unison, creating a levitating image that freezes them mid air. The sort of thing that Andy Warhol would have experimented with to see what might appear. We were really pleased with this the result. The models looked great in the clothes and we have created an image that is commercial with a feeling of Art. the test is that  one wants to look twice, it is intriguing. There was no retouching on any of the shots we got on this days shoot. All our shots are authentic and true to the moment they were taken. There is a cache in this in itself in my opinion. Natural and un manipulated capturing a moment freezing it, selecting the best and then enjoying looking at that is magic in itself.

Manna's make-up, within the theme of the editorial - simple less is more and pure! 

Here is my iphone shot behind the scenes as Manna and Maya work it!

The Results

© Schelay McCarter fashiontent - CSM London- pls credit

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