Monday, 7 July 2014

Photoshoot Kim Watson - The 'White Hot' shoot - shot 1 CSM London

Manna is captured jumping to give energy to the image 
Manna getting ready for shot 1 

Directing in progress

ready for action

Showing Manna the Art direction planning board so she understands the concept and what is required.

Kim taking the shots whilst Viola Bea the Hair and make- up artist asks the Art director if she is happy with the hair in motion

Viola Bea doing Manna's hair

ready to go live with the action shot

Yana's Art direction board helping to block out the bright sun whilst the shots are tethered so the students can see each shot as it is taken on the imac screen.

Manna about to jump again !

The stylist / Art Director Yana fits her bespoke suit design on model Yanna

The Results 

© Schelay McCarter fashiontent

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