Thursday, 10 July 2014

Photoshoot Kim Watson - Shot 5 Art Direction for Fashion CSM

Shot 5 was a proactive exercise to see if we could revitalise the image of the white shirt within the narrative of the 'White Hot' editorial fashion story.  We had been lent samples by Perfekcija ( the perfect white shirt company) The shirts have a premium quality with interesting styling details like these big signature cuffs and are tailored and fitted to show off a woman's body shape. The Perfekcija UMA here is one of the best sellers and allows you to tie it up at the front or simply wear it with an asymmetric look at the front. Maya experimented with direction from me, creating new shapes holding the shirt to create a strong commercial look but with a new younger styling twist.

The Result

© Schelay McCarter @ fashiontent - pls credit

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