Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Schelay McCarter photographer for the White Shirt company - Perfekcija 2014

I have been art directing photoshoots for a while now and have learnt masses about natural lighting. So I jumped at the chance to be the photographer and work with Michele Harty Creative Director of Perfekcija - of 'The perfect white shirt company' this week.
The company required a new photographic branding direction. I cast elegant Finnish model Annastina as the face for this high end classic white shirt brand. The Perfekcija market is broad and appeals to Ladies that lunch, the home counties set as well as the yummy mummy market. We wanted to get across the versatility of the perfect white shirt, dress it up for the evening or down for casual wear. So armed with my wide angle lensed Nikon I worked with ebbing and flowing natural sun light and placed the model Annastina in the shade so that we would not have problems with the bright sunlight bleaching out the white shirts loosing that all important detail. 

Photographer Schelay McCarter
© Schelay McCarter pls credit 

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