Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lilly Allen - in Disguise

This is a dress I just ordered from ebay for £9.99 - not vintage but at that price I will customise it - take off the sleeves and the awful buttons and create something bespoke.

This is Lilly Allen and Sarah Owen's ( sister) new idea - vintage clothing to rent/hire - It is in Covent Garden, King Street - so very central and has a make-up, nails and hair salon attached -  Their carefully chosen vintage selection is the 'creme de la creme' of top designer brands such as original Ozzie Clarke, Dior, Chanel to name but a few, not to be found on ebay - if you want to look totally amazing and authenticly stylish rent a dress from here.
Go take a look in Lucy in Disguise and let me know what you think ...

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  1. I visited Lucy in Disguise a couple of weeks ago and was very impressed with the stock they had to offer and thought the prices were actually very reasonable for those kind of items. They had YSL and Alaia jackets for £300-£400, loads of Pucci and Ossie Clark dresses, a Gaultier evening gown for about £200, as well as loads of designer accessories like Chanel sunglasses.There's also plenty of pieces by lesser known designers that are cheaper so there's a good price range. I picked up a Versace cocktail dress for £200! The stand-out piece when I went was a 1920s beaded cocktail dress and jacket - very delicate and the assistant told it's price was £3000! The staff at the shop are great - so helpful, and very knowledgeable. There's also a great seating area outside the changing rooms with a playstation for waiting kids and fashion books for adults! I will definitely be going back regularly!