Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sophie Hollins reports -

Sophie Hollins Bristol university graduate and all round talented fashionista went to review The Jam Tree on the Kings Road last night for Fashiontent. 

The Jam Tree, Chelsea 
Arriving at The Jam Tree last night, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Its' self-description as a destination for high quality gastro-pub food, a quiet drink after work, and late-night bar left me wondering exactly how this concept would work. It’s a formula that’s been successful at its sister site in Kensington, so what’s its secret? The first thing I noticed upon walking in was the atmosphere; the music was great, the rose-gold lights hanging over the bar created the perfect soft glow, and it had a sophisticated yet cosy feel. We were treated to champagne and strawberry mojitos – the fastest made mojitos in all of London – as well as some of the delicious food from their menu, such as jerk chicken skewers and cod and prawn fishcakes. Yesterday’s beautiful weather showcased The Jam Tree at its best: there’s a gorgeous garden at the back, which, with its decking and plants, is a welcome retreat from the busy streets of nearby Fulham Broadway and the King’s Road – it even has its own bar and a BBQ. In the summer, it will be the perfect place to spend lazy afternoons with friends, enjoying the sunshine and good food. The Jam Tree is surprisingly successful in all that it claims to be, and it’s difficult to find any fault with it (although, perhaps the stairs to the garden may prove rather tricky to master after a few drinks)! Its relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and excellent food make The Jam Tree a place that’ll be loved by locals and somewhere people will make a special effort to visit; you’ll want to come to again, and again.

Thank you Sophie,  feed://  for this feed back, sounds like you were well looked after and had a great time. Thank you also to Keziah for the invite to the opening. 


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