Thursday, 10 March 2011

Sarah Burtons show - collection fit for a Queen in waiting

Tudor fashion influence - decadence - a refection of the power of a woman

Virgin Queen - purity and power of woman
Tudor ruffle - pearls in Elizabeth's first reign symbolised virginity-

I can see Kate Middleton in this shape
This would be the perfect dress for 'virgin Royal' Kate Middleton

Elizabeth the first - her court gowns were decorated with symbols of her immense power, position and influence.

The wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton a commoner is of huge significance and it is thought will ensure the future position and survival of the Royal family in modern Britain. Their romance has captured the rest of the world's imagination and is the stuff of fairy tales. Catherine Middleton is in the royal fold but the establishment is ruled by officialdom, it is only once she is a Windsor( Saxe Coburg) that she will be truly accepted into the 'Firm'.   

Kate will become one of the most watched women in the world and her patronage will be keenly documented by the fashion press. The house of McQueen is loyally still not admitting that they are designing the 'dress of the century' but if this show is anything to go by it should be Sarah Burton and her style homage to Elizabeth Tudor.

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