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Girls Aloud Kimberly Walsh at the show with her stylist

elegant draping so glamourous

striking black lace 

I love the floral detail on this velvet  dress - I adore the vivid pattern and rich colours
Vogue photography

Kimberly Walsh of 'Girls Aloud' sitting in the front row viewing the show

The crowds of fashionista's waiting outside for the show.
As I was unfortunately not able to get to the Ashley Isham show I sent along two of my students Laeticia Peyrano and Andrea Carraro to take photos and report back. I was very disappointed not to be able to get there as I really like Ashley Ishams work. 
The girls loved the show collection entitled Enchanted Forest.
Kimberley Walsh and stylist were front row at this glamourous show clearly looking for signature pieces for some concerts.The show was split into 4 parts, rich velvet florals, colourful jersey drapes, turquoise and emerald pastel satin chiffon gowns with grecian detailing and lastly bold metallic damasks in granite, silver and greys. The models wore a variety of Oriental styled and adorned head pieces adapted for each part of the enchanted forest theme.

The inspiration for this collection, (from press release)
'In the moon struck madness of the winter solstice, from deep within the magic snow covered forest, the fairy creatures of the night emerge from their slumber' 
Isham's Titania is dark and mysterious, with captivating eyes like a bird of prey, softened only by her otherwise clean visage adorned with a crown of flora.  
Her fairy attendants clad in lush tones of magenta, emerald, deep sapphire, crimson,and coral and granite are adorned with headpieces reminiscent of an imperial court from a bygone dynasty. 
Rich velvets of turquoise blue and forest green covered in deep florals prints, together with metallic brown and silver birch jacquard embellished with scale - like sequins, form the core of this seasons collection with black beaded and winter woollen lace applique entwining the fitted silhouettes like a creeper enveloping it's host.
The Autumn / Winter 2011/12 enchanted forest theme is evidently a provative, darker extension of ishma's earlier spring summer 2011 floral 'East of Eden'.

Thank you to Keziah for inviting me to this show

Photography unless otherwise stated by Laetitia Peyrano
Laetitia an ex student of mine is over here from her native France and has worked for Chanel in Paris as a 'paid' intern. Andrea from Italy is studying on my Art Direction evening class at Central Saint Martins currently.

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