Monday, 21 February 2011

LFW Day 4, David Koma,

Body con silhouette, note how the spots flatter the body contours

loved this dress

note the lazar cut spot skirt, 

The Cashmere jumper with leather detail sleeves work well with this leather belted skirt

Flashes of colour bought the collection a distinctive vibrancy

A modern collection, truly visionary and unique

Art meeting fashion promotes a wearable and covetable cache

A futuristic and modern element with this Oleg Du digital print and Leigh Bowery influence 

Sam Cam
Hilary Alexander
The David Koma show at 9.45 this morning was an early one for the fash pack but of course this did not deter them all being at one of the hottest shows on the London Fashion Week calendar.
It was a double bill with Holly Fulton following with her collection! There was a real buzz and sense of anticipation in the BFC tent as Alexandra Schulman, Hilary Alexander and Colin McDowell and other fashion royalty took their seats followed by nouveau fashionista Sam Cam who sat demurely and patiently as her photo was taken by the press pack. 
I met the 'Coco's Tea Party' blogger waiting in line, she was off to the Burberry show later today. I sat next to a buyer from and a Figaro writer, both really excited about seeing these two British designers' A/W2011 collection.
David Koma's show was absolutely brilliant, I really felt we were witnessing a special collection. He got his inspiration from the Japanese avant garde artist Yayoi Kusama. It is not the first time that this artist has influenced fashion. Marc Jacob's has used the Kusama obsession with repetition and pattern using dots and spots as inspiration for his Louis Vuitton handbag designs in the recent past. There was no overlap at all - David Koma's genius designing created something totally new and unique yet again. I particularly liked the digital print photography by Oleg Dou, this gave an extra depth and dimension to this cohesive collection. Inspirational!

Now to post the Holly Fulton show - 

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