Monday, 28 February 2011


JBAG electro band that played during the show 
The male models walked very swiftly - a rumour had been circulating that LFW designers were asking the models to walk faster so that iphone images could not be got as the quality is so poor.

1980s styling main influence in this collection

bold, bright and optimistic styling

primary colours mixed with geometrics, note the shoulder pads

Electro girl

stripes and pattern clash
Urban hoody with fake fur detail
note the skirt tiered fluting and cut out bodice

Riot of colour stripes and geometric pattern.
Pop art on a dress
Gangster styling - 
a flattering dress

new romantics - clean and lean hair
This collection is influenced by 1986 graphics and styling - 

stylish - KTZ wants you to stand out from the crowd - it is a young confident label.

The KTZ parade
KTZ is a collaboration between Koji Maruyama, Sasko Bezovski and Marjan Pejoski.

KTZ is a confident new label and they have every reason to be so already having the label selling in their own retail network of cult stores ‘Kokon to Zai’, combinging music and fashion, based in London and Paris.
Marjan and Koji studied fashion design at Central Saint Martins while Sasa was studying architecture. They are the business minds that stand behind the KTZ brand.
Pop art meet 1980s new romantics - this collection does not 'fade to Grey'
Music is an important part in this label's creative evolution. The catwalk show was a fabulous spectacle of colour and everyone was tapping their feet to the electro beat music from JBAG or mix tape from Peaches that accompanied the show. KTZ was my last show and helped to end a brilliant London Fashion Week on a high.
Thank you to everyone who invited fashiontent to their shows - it was an amazing week.
Fashion always rises to the occasion and reflects the survival instinct of human creativity - The week was buzzing with optimism on to look at Milan, Paris and New York. I won't alas be going - too much to catch up in here! 

Photography Schelay McCarter - please credit.