Saturday, 30 April 2011

Italian style - Aspesi

sweet patriotic dress with Italian colours on button flower details 

Aspesi paper bag with distinctive graphic art on front
On trend a colourful collection mixing stripes and florals .
I liked the prints, prices expensive in Euros

simple store lay out

paper coat back

front styling - 

paper flowers

wonderful detail

Typical of forward thinking and talented Italian retailers, art plays an integral role in their marketing and image creation.

This pieces reminiscent of the 'Meanies' in Yellow Submarine by the Beatles was for sale

When staying in Torino (Turin) for a few days before Easter I came across this wonderful shop called Aspesi in the exclusive shopping area in the centre of this historic city. Not yet in the UK but already in other major european cities this store sells classic, stylish easy to wear clothes not dissimilar to Joseph or Paul Smith. The innovative window display caught my eye. I found out by chatting to the very helpful and friendly shop manager that the paper clothes had been created by the seamstresses in the Aspesi design office. The majority of the collection is made in Italy the minority made in India or China. 
I noticed having visited the main retail fashion zones in Rome, Milan and Turin that there was a tendency to high light Italian origins through using the national colours of the Italian flag of green, white and red in the shop window displays. something that we the British could certainly do more of rather than waiting for a royal wedding occasion to do so. We should also get more manufacturing done back in the UK for top brands. It would surely be a great marketing asset to buy British - and make it synonymous with quality again ....
this is not a dig at Burberry!

Duchess of Cambridge's choice Issa London -

Click on this link to see the article

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Exclusive Daniella Helayal interview for revista B magazine

My exclusive interview with Daniella Helayal the designer of many of Catherine Middleston's dating dresses with Prince William has been published in hard copy in Sao Paulo this week. Fashion and lifestyle magazine revista B the brain child of Neni Almeida is also on the internet and has it's own new web site. I am so excited to see my words in print on them all......

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Prada dress blatantly ripped off in Rome

Check out this brilliant fashion film for the Prada Spring Summer 2011 collection. 

Original dress on the catwalk last September

This is the ripped off dress blatantly shown in the window of Sandro Ferrone in Rome last week. As you can see it has a different stripe colour distribution but is the same in essence. Sandro Ferrone prices are the same as Top Shop, maybe slightly more expensive. Sandro Ferrone operates as a franchise retailer and the sales assistants clearly work on commission as they were around me like a rash when I went inside the store to have a look. The quality looked okay, however check out the uneven seam connection on the attached frill at the base of the striped Prada dress copy in the window, not straight at all! I can't believe that they featured the dress in a brand photo too!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Milan style - stylish bicycles are in!

The bicycle can be a stylish fashion accessory - take note - if the Milanese are keen then it is something fashionista's should take notice of !

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Agyness Deyn - brave & beautiful on Tim Walker shoot

Agyness's body language says it all here - she is not at all comfortable!

A tourist shot of  'Kolmanskop ghost town' as it has become known

This is one of the best fashion editorial shoots British Vogue has done for a long time. Featuring the 'White' fashion trend for the summer Tim Walker at his very best captures the White Mischief mood exquisitely. The location Kolmanskop is Namibia's most famous ghost town, and is situated in the Sperrgebiet, (forbidden territory) a few kilometers inland from the port of LuderitzThe town declined after World War I when the diamond-field slowly exhausted and was ultimately abandoned in 1954, since then geographical conditions and high winds have virtually covered the town in sand.
Taking shots of Leopards with a model even if friendly carries some risk - worth it though as these are truly amazing images and relaunches Agnyness Deyn as a sassy professional model. I wonder who turned the idea down though first ?
This months Vogue is one of the most interesting 'fashion shoot' wise I have seen for a while - the cover is a bit bland though - but it is April - Royal Wedding fever time!

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Top Shop - fashion musing!

Top Shop dress £36.00 

I love this bright summery floral print, once I have tired of the dress - I will chop it with my sewing scissors and make a skirt, 'sew' easy to do!

Gina shoes - £495.00
Top Shop bag £61.00

I may well take off the jingly bits to keep the look a bit more 60s classic  - what do you think?
A Top Shop hat (£22.00) to finish off the look, perfecto!

Top Shop Aviator glasses £16.00

Oops nearly forgot the nails - £7.50 - only need one coat, won't have time to wait -!
These Ciate Paint Pots are great - I got a Berry colour in a goody bag at London Fashion Week and it has been brilliant.

As I am off to Rome, Milan  and Turin next week I thought about what would I like to wear that best reflects the trends - I love floral and bold bright colours, so here is my choice from Top Shop, the Gina shoes rather blew my budget , but hey they are rather lovely and will be comfortable! 

Friday, 1 April 2011

Aminaka Wilmont - Press Day next week in London

I am looking forward to going to Aminaka Wilmont's press day next week. I love their work.