Friday, 17 April 2015

Student Photoshoot ' Negative Space' by Art Director Manuela Demuro

Behind the Scenes

The Results

Manuela Demuro a student on my Art Direction for Fashion evening class at Central Saint Martins is a talented visual merchandiser for

Stories new to the UK is owned by Erling Persson a highly successful fashion retail business magnate, whose golden goose company H&M is second only to Zara in high street sales dominance. Manuela has her own distinctive personal style and is a confident and accomplished stylist in her own right. She booked my Art Direction for Fashion course as she would like to develop her career and quest to fulfil her fashion promotion creative management potential within her much enjoyed position at Stories.

Manuela's initial vision for her shoot Negative Space was to explore the concept of broken down communications in an age where we so heavily rely on electronic communications.
Manuela's style is 'less is more' mixing old with new to create vintage/modern style cocktails. Her favourite brand style is New York born label Proenza Schouler.

Art Direction for Fashion course CSM 

© Manuela Demuro

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