Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Fashion Art Direction - Test Shoot - Art Director Jing Han in Sweden for Contributor Magazine

The clothes

Stage 1 - The Idea


Stage 2 
The Team


Stage 3 - Shot Sequence Planning 


The Result of Jing Han's Test Shoot

Jing Han was a student on my Art direction for Fashion online short course at the beginning of this year.
Based in Sweden Jing from the start wanted to make use of the beautiful calm scenery near her home town.
By working through the brief based on current fashion trends Jing's fashion narrative evolved into a feasible and practical aesthetic vision as an editorial for Contributor magazine however would also suit commercial application for a brand campaign. 

Theory into Practice

I am really thrilled to see that Jing put theory into practice by taking her idea and developing it into a test shoot. By taking this step Jing has learnt so much about making her vision a practical reality. 
The result is an impressive achievement shot in a free from lock down moment in Stockholm.

Jing's Team 
Photography by Emma Ingemann
Art Direction &Stylling by Jing Han
Hair & Makeup by Yohanna Kidane
Modelling by Hedvig Ă…gren
(Copywriting & Editing by Jing Han)
© Jing Han - pls credit.

Art Direction for Fashion short course CSM ONLINE -
fashion narrative idea preproduction to Stage 3 media planning preparation.

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Creative Direction - Schelay McCarter @ fashiontent for CSM online short courses.