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Jemima Wright well done - 
You have attained a high standard of professional practice training focusing 
on the role of Media Producer in the fashion Communication and promotion industry.

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Tuesday, 7 September 2021

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Tuesday, 31 August 2021

A fashion editorial Story DESERT MIRAGE A/W 21/22 for Purple Magazine by Jemima Wright and Merijn Pijs


This fashion story idea has the potential to work on location or in a studio. I liked the fact that both my students Jemima and Merijn really took on board the multi tasking nature of an art directors job, wearing many hats and juggling the roles required by happily delegating different research aspects of the project between them and or putting their creative brains together to problem solve practical solutions to achieve their goal of a persuasive pitch to sell their idea. The styling is brilliant especially with the inclusion of the jewellery and accessories featuring Schiaparelli 

As their creative Director over looking their work I suggested that their idea would also work really well as a short fashion film, using a drone to film the simulated landing of a space ship on the roof of the house where from the stylish alien misfits emerge to live in the house - space alien squatters - Wes Anderson film like with a retro Star Trek twist.

This idea is an expensive production, however hiring a studio and creating a simple set would work well too. We need to adapt in this industry and work within budget. I hope that they will do a test shoot based on their idea.

I will be offering a production workshop via Fashiontent in a few months over 4 weeks where we look at how to achieve the best results professionally using contracts - employers need people who can think outside the box, get great images within budget and understand the production processes that will ensure success.

Jemima Wright has just graduated in BA Jewellery Design from Edinburgh University and wishes to explore the career potential as an Art director and image maker and Merijn Pijs is currently an Assistant Art Director for DLVS in Amsterdam and wishes to take on more responsibility for ideas and story telling. 



A mix of colorful and black 70’s inspired cut outs, with over the top jewellry. 


Eccentric lifeforms living domestically in the desert wearing over the top clothing and exaggerated jewellery (makes the models look like regal aliens). Shot in and around a 1980’s house based in Joshua Tree, California showcasing their daily extravagant and luxury lifestyle. Giving it a cutting edge style where we lose the boundaries of male and female clothing and dresses the models in both.


Vintage suits, cutout body pieces underneath, dressed with over the top jewellry.


Joshua Tree National Park, California

United States America

Photographer - Pierre-ange Carlotti

Copy Schelay Mccarter please credit

© Jemima Wright and Merijn Pijs

Creative Direction - Schelay McCarter