Sunday, 29 January 2012

PLASTIK - Art & Fashion

PLASTIK on news Stands now - Congratulations Beyond Production
Image courtesy of Vogue
You may well ask why I have posted this image of some of the McCartney clan and friends applauding? Creative Director of PLASTIK magazine Eli Rezkallah has astutely achieved the ultimate aim of all good Creative Director's and that is creating a fashion story that makes the clothes look fabulous as well as being arresting and provoking debate. To get noticed is essential, fashion if used cleverly can impart issues in a non threatening way. 
I think the McCartneys will see this Kitch fashion editorial story as a dig at the love/ hate/nurture/slaughter relationship we have with animals.....After all it was McCartney who wrote 'Mary had a Little Lamb' for Stella who had a pet lamb when a child, this allegedly provoked the whole family to stop eating lamb.
You may look at these images and interpret them in a different way - that is what commercial imagery with a feel of art is all about......

Photographer: Erick Le Strange
Creative Director: Eli Rezkallah
Fashion Editor: Ryan Houssari
Model: Georgina Howard (Models 1)
The Editorial is called' Mary had a Little Cow'

A Powerful image

To see more on this fashion story and the team involved please view my previous post this month.

Photography Erik LeStrange for PLASTIK mag out now globally.

FT's Dinner Party Debate, Apple & Beckham Versus RBS

This cartoon from the 'Independent' caught my eye this morning as I scanned the Sunday Newspapers. 

Last night in the guise of a Chinese double agent ( I found a stylish Chinese jacket in red woven silk in a charity shop to wear) I was onboard the Trans Siberian Railway seated in a lavish dinning car in the company of a Doctor, an Anesthetist, an Accountant, an HR Executive, two high profile Property Consultants and a Lloyds Insurance Broker ! We each played our roles admirably.  I suspected it was the British agent who dun it - it is the quiet ones you have to watch we all agreed. We exited the dining car of the Trans Siberian Express train and found ourselves back in the present. Coffee, mint and Camomile teas, with a choice of liqueurs followed. The Ex Cambridge graduate Property Consultant then asked
'Do you think that  Stephen Hester should get his bonus for sorting out RBS?'

The conclusion of much heated debate was that 

Remembering that RBS is 82% owned by the British tax payer it was felt that in a true meritocracy no one should be rewarded until they have done the job they have been hired for.
Do doctors and nurses get bonus's? The argument that no one else would do this 'Mr Fixit'  job does not carry water - the accolade of pulling a high profile bank out of a self inflicted mess should be enough for him. After all he is being PAID an extremely high salary before bonus. Are there no financial whizz kids with the brains and integrity to sort out the mess as a public service for 1.2 million !! 

It was agreed Stephen Hester should have the same privations the fallout of the banking mess has caused for everyone else - we felt his position is a symbolic one - and that he should lead by example. He was hired by the Labour parties' Alastair Darling with Mr Brown before Cameron was in power with Nick Clegg, Labour approved the ludicrously generous contract with Hester. Pressure needs to bear if he and others in the banking community don't do the right thing. We also felt that human nature being what it is that if you already have millions  yourself ( invested safely! ) why should you mind if things go wrong, you are set up for a minimum risk, quick, no strings attached exit particularly when rewarded for failure as was the case with Fred Goodwin! We concluded that high bonus culture in the financial world is fundamentally flawed and remembered it was encouraged by the Labour party when in power and given the opportunity to mutate and thrive when Maggie deregulated the banks in the 80s.

The discussion then went onto whether footballers should be paid such high amounts. Brand Beckham was admired and seen as a positive thing. Victoria Beckham's foray into fashion accepted as stylish and classy. The Insurance Broker then cited the success of Johny Ives ( a Brit) who is currently Senior Vice President of Design at Apple as someone else who is paid huge amounts of money in cash and stock. Most of us conceded that this fact was not that abhorrent to us as he was part of the running of a successful business with the tangible results of job creation. He is credited with creating the coveted Apple image with Steve Jobs. John Paul Getty, and Bill Gates then were thrown into the conversation as examples of responsible wealth custodians with generous altruistic gesture tendencies that have insured their place in wealth donor history. Success is a privilege and Giving something back to your Country or Community ensures 

Let's make debate and challenging the status quo fashionable!

what do you think?

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Future social media Trends that will affect fashion's ethical radar.

Capitalism doesn't have to be this way! frankly any one of our Politicians could be wearing the 'Hat' in this cartoon from the Independent 
David Jones author of 'Who Cares Wins' writes that he feels that the status quo can be changed or at least improved if those with business power choose to invest more time, energy influence and money by being 'a major force for good in helping to solve some of the most pressing problems of our time.'
He feels that social media such as twitter and facebook is forcing businesses, politicians and leaders to be more socially responsible. It will reward those who are. And remove those who aren't he thinks. He puts forward some convincing examples to back up his views.

What do you think ?

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cameron Diaz has got the 'want to be' style factor

I love this look on Cameron Diaz, worn this week at the Dior show in Paris 
Cameron at Valentino show in Paris yesterday, I love her short bob, and the cream/white dress perfect for her.


Cameron Diaz is an underestimated style icon or so I thought until recently. She has been spotted at the Versace and Dior show collections this week. Like many of her fellow Hollywood actors she realises that there are lucrative advertising projects in the world of fashion and to be seen is important. The sale of cream 'anything' fashion wise went up after she wore it (alot) in The Holiday ( a Classic Xmas film) I remember buying a cream wool coat from Next after seeing her looking so fab in the colour. It has a wonderful less is more purity worn in the Winter. She wanted fun and she certainly fulfilled many a single woman's secret wish with her antics. The holiday is one of my favourite films and I know I am not alone amongst many of my friends -   I love the clip of her dancing to 'The Killers' - let's face it girls haven't we all done this? well if not give it a go, it will make you feel better.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

PLASTIK - The story behind the Cover Concept and fashion Editorial -

PLASTIK is an award winning Middle Eastern Magazine with an amazing visual dynamism.
Take a look at the story and planning behind the recent editorial fashion shoot and cover for PLASTIKS most recent publication. Find PLASTIK on facebook, twitter and youtube

Monday, 23 January 2012

Twiggy in iconic musical 'The Boyfriend' written by Sandy Wilson, directed by Ken Russell

'The Boy Friend' was written by my Great Uncle Sandy Wilson ( my Gran's little brother) after he had finished at Oxford University. It was a musical pastiche of the 1930s Busby Berkley musical and became an unexpected hit in London and then went onto the Royale Theatre on Broadway New York in Sept 1954. It was a hit and Julie Andrews played the role of Polly. It was her first big show. She became a huge star following this going onto do The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins. I remember as a little girl going to see the Ken Russell film version in 1971 in London with my family, it was all very exciting though Sandy did not like the musical arrangement of his classic songs and has moaned about it ever since! Twiggy won two Golden Globes for her performance. She has a wonderful voice and the world found out that she could act and tap dance! The film sets by Tony Walton were and still are fabulous bold art deco extravagances. Room in Bloomsbury is my favourite set, her cream silk dress is amazing.  It is good to recently hear Twiggy talking about the fact that it is thanks to The Boy Friend that she got her next big career break into film and singing. It enabled her to showcase her undoubted talent - good luck with your new CD called 'Romantically Yours' Twigs.....
Here she sings 'I could be Happy' my favourite song from the show.  

Copy - Schelay McCarter

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Marc Jacobs @ LV & Lula Magazine - Mi Piacciono !

The S/S 2012 Louis Vuitton collection though inspired by Mia Farrow in the 1960's horror movie Rosmary's Baby  reminds me of a grown up sophisticated well healed 'Lula' Girl

Below please see an editorial fashion S/S 12 shoot  idea developed by Sara Gomes for Lula Magazine (picture researcher for Portuguese Vogue) with me on my Art Direction for Fashion course 

Lula is a UK Publication