Thursday, 28 January 2010

Intern Job NET-A- PORTER

NET-A-PORTER is an established global Internet retailer of cutting edge luxury fashion labels, relied upon for it’s exceptional quality of service and eye for the next big thing. With an expanding domestic and global market, and revenues increasing month on month, critical strategic change is on the agenda, in order for us to achieve the objective of dominating our sector as a truly successful force in online retail.

“Women who live in Riyadh, Portofino, Monaco, Honolulu and Gstaad use NET-A-PORTER as they would a local boutique – if only they had one that stocked Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Cacharel, Katayone Adeli …” The Times, London

We currently have a variety of internships available commencing January/April 14th 2010.


You will receive a food and travel allowance of £120.00 per week.


Tuesday, 26 January 2010

'Summer Rebel in the City' editorial fashion shoot

Going back now to the fashion editorial trend shoot idea 'Summer rebel in the City'.
My choice would be Mel Karch. His work/style is perfect for this concept. Whilst I could not find any city shots in his portfolio. The mood and lighting and vibe he gets with his work is perfect. He connects well with his subjects. I want the girls to look cool and sexy walking barefoot in the most inappropriate places in a city - in contrast with shoe clad pedestrians - Location: London or New York I would mix colour with black and white shots - Black and white is great for showing texture and soul! He has a certain energy in his work that would work well and technically he is excellent.

Trend Watch - Sustainable fashion

Please check out this web site

Without getting political we should ask questions about cheap fashion and it's ethical place in the world of fashion.......

Thread, an online fashion magazine and information resource promoting eco-fabulous style

Ethical fashion is fashion that has been made, worn and passed on in a way that looks after people, animals and the environment. The clothes featured in Thread support this approach. All clothes featured tick off at least one of these principles:

Made and traded sustainably – clothes and accessories where suppliers of raw materials receive a fair price and workers get a fair wage, with guaranteed rights. Ideally the trade brings new benefits to communities.

Made of sustainable materials – minimising the impact of fashion on the environment. Look out for clothes made from cool, organic cotton that are safer for farmers, garment workers and the environment, as they’re free from chemical pesticides and fertilisers. And clothes made from funky alternatives such as hemp and bamboo.

Recycled or vintage – keeping clothes out of landfill and cutting fabric waste in factories. Many of our clothes are classic vintage items and stylish one-off pieces made from recycled garments, factory off-cuts and remnants.

Ethical fashion is becoming cool in its own right, making the move from catwalk to high street, with a list of celebrity fans such as Scarlett Johansson, Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt, Leona Lewis and Leonardo di Caprio.

Monday, 25 January 2010

Editorial shoot ideas

Here is another example of bare feet in the city. Bare feet are so unexpected, a statement is made, the impact of the image in a city environment makes it look rebellious and unconventional and glamorous.
An idea for a fashion shoot concept for a 'summer in the city story'. I will look for a photographer now ..... watch this space.......

Jean Shrimpton & Sandy Shaw bare foot in the 60s

Here is a larger image of Jean Shrimpton - love it! Sandy Shaw liked to go bare foot when she performed, due to the fact that she found shoes uncomfortable - I wonder what she makes of the shoes around now -  in the 1960s they were flat!!!

A singer in the 1960s with model looks Sandy was to fashion and girl performers what the band the Kinks were to Brit music then with her London cockney accent and unpretentious working class airs.

Spring Summer ideas

Here are some more 1960 images. I like the freedom and carefree spontaneity of these images
Look no shoes again .... freedom !

The fact that Jean is walking in the city of London with no shoes makes the shot more interesting.
Here is another of her, the dress is gorgeous, a very wearable style today, sexy with a flattering neck line.

Spring Summer ideas

I saw this image of Jean Shrimpton in the independent on Saturday article by Terry O' Neill .
I really like the fact that she is walking in the street with no shoes, apparently she did this often. There is a bohemian naturalness about her in this shot that reminds me of Sienna Millar.

Sunday, 24 January 2010


I love this photo by Leombruno-Brodi called the Lady and the Cheetha.
He was the same generation as 1960's Horst; Norman Parkinson; Louise Dahl-Wolfe; William Bell and Irving Penn.
Then came the British photographers invasion with the Beatles and 'cool Britannia' began with Bailey, Donovan and Duffy.

See the above Vogue cover from January 15th 1959 Remaking Yourself

Cover: Dolores Hawkins, first 60's supermodel wears the new stepped-up shade of lipstick “Rhythm Red” with sky-blue eyeshadow photographed by William Bell.


Hurray ! I have a blog spot for fashiontent - watch this space! .......