Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Merit award - Art direction for Fashion project - Concealment Editorial fashion narrative for Unconditional magazine - Location Athens

The Team 

Stage 3 

Shot sequence Planning 


This is a great fashion narrative idea evolved by Aphrodite on my Art direction for Fashion course at CSM online.

This image by Dudi Hasson was the inspiration for Aphrodite's fashion narrative idea. 

Aphrodite's fashion narrative reflects the zeitgeist of the moment, our reluctant move away from getting 'dressed up' because we have nowhere to go ! and our move towards comfortable style in our home pods. Style is the key word here -  fashion fades, style is timeless, adopting more mindful evaluation of what matters in our lives as we exist in this slowed down world under the shadow of covid and the ever present reality of Climate Change actually can feel good. I like the way the female character in this narrative conceals her face when she takes photos. Detoxing, Slowing down, relaxing and keeping connected is happening all over the world. We have the power ! yes the power to make a difference in how we consume material things - let's not binge on 'things' but become more picky, focused on quality not quantity, less can be more.

Copy & Creative Direction Schelay McCarter 

Art direction Aphrodite Koupedidou

My Art direction for fashion short course will be running next year from Tuesday the 19th Jan 2021 - and will be advertised soon on the csm website.

Friday, 23 October 2020

Slow Fashion Vision - Preloved and Eco brand blends - for Next Normal

We have enough clothes on this planet to clothes the next three generations. Lets find creative ways of re - loving our existing clothes, swop, share, customise, re invent, if you buy new, buy quality, buy less, look locally for artisans and independent small sustainable brands  - make your own, we as consumers have the power to influence and slow down our world to be mindful of how our actions collectively can bring positive change.

This beautiful slow fashion focused narrative to sell the idea that we should love what we have and blend our wardrobe with preloved, and sustainable new brands of quality.

© Basak Erteken
creative Direction - Schelay McCarter