Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Trends - branding - UAL CSM - MA Fashion 2022 Presents: SHINY SHINY

Sharing 55 collections from the class of 2022, this exhibition follows on from the MA Fashion Show shown at London Fashion Week.

With exhibition design by students from M ARCH: Architecture as well as still and moving image by MA Fashion Communication: Fashion Image students.

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Fashion Film - JENN LEE 22 Spring Summer- Families (4K)

This is a really innovative method to showcase a new seasons collection employing VR

JENN LEE, a brand that builds on the core theme of women’s power, was founded by designer Wei Chen, Lee in 2017. JENN LEE transmits creativity, passion, and confidence to evoke the potential and power within people—becoming a pillar of mind to everyone. 

“The value of Fashion is not defined by sales, but by the delivery of concepts and stories." 

Wei Chen Lee, graduated from University of the Arts London with her focus dedicated to womenswear. With a strong mind of creativity and an experimental passion, Lee Wei Chen combines Avant-garde fashion with delicate craftmanship to realize elegance. Flexible yet preserving her core identity, Lee Wei Chen cooperated with people worldwide--from dancers, cinematographers, sound art designers, painters, to technology, and sports-technology brands. Her limitless and studious personality excited numerous amounts of inspiration. Each garment, design, advertisement, and show links tightly with her style and personality--threading her brand as one and creating a thorough story.

JENN LEE was selected in the final top ten in "Future Fabric Contest", which was hosted by Swatch On(Fabric Platform from Korea) and NJAL(Fashion Platform from London).
 JENN LEE was invited by NIKE Taiwan to cooperate with the up-cycle Workshop in February 2020. JENN LEE made a grand impression during the participation in the third season of Taipei episode on the Red Bull Austria web show “Hubertusjagd.” Moreover, Count Bilal Hasanni, the representative of France in the Eurovision Song Contest, picked JENN LEE as the cover of his book “Singulier.”

JENN LEE intends to continue the move towards more sustainable fashion; 19SS JENN LEE created a conceptual piece with upcycled motor gloves. 20FW JENN LEE emphasized on the power within women's curves through wasted body wears. 21SS further implemented upcycling practices by working with their audience to gather second-hand denim and industrial fabric wastes. 

As the representation of the new generation. JENN LEE continues its motto, "less in numbers, more in diversity, quality over quantity," to move forward as a brand. JENN LEE's attitude is to see behind the priced labels and understand a brand's essence.

Saturday, 19 February 2022


An excellent fashion promo film for the new seasons collection - stills would have been shot alongside this for a look book and brand campaign. 

see how this was made on an earlier post on here 


BANSHEE OF SAVILE ROW - Behind the Scenes - LFW 2021 -