Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Prague - Dior best Windows in fashionable Parizska street

The key target seller for Christmas these Dior windows make the latest Dior bag seem like an object in an Art Installation not a shop window!

This show cases the bag beautifully 

This is a birds eye view of the original Jewish quarter of Prague City in the Czech Republic. It is also the home of the fashionable Luxury retailers. The equivalent of 5th Ave or Bond Street Parizska street is resident to Prada, Gucci, Dior, Hermes, Louis Vuitton. The best window display by far was Christian Dior's exquisite and simple canvas of retro aero plane set to compliment the colours of this Winters collection and the Dior hand bag in a range of seductive colours.... 

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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sarah Forsyth's Spring Summer 2013 Accessories Collection...

Sarah Forsyth clutch Bag

Right on trend for S/S 2013 these modern, bright and stylish colour block bags would compliment any Summer suit or dress.
Nearing the far end of Kings Street, Chelsea, sits an intimate retail space. Pristine white walls and perfectly polished finishes make for a sublime backdrop upon which the exquisite fine leathers and exotic skins of independent UK designer Sarah Forsyth's, Spring Summer 2013 handbag collection were showcased to an array of guests, invited to preview the designs on Wednesday the 17th October.

The store which opened last month, proudly hosts a beautiful and striking collection of accessories ranging from both evening and day bags in Lizard, Calves Leather and Lambskin, Vintage inspired purses, patchwork Water Snake clutches, Python skin belts and iPad cases that adorn a carefully restored vintage side table, scattered with candles and issues of Vogue, while studded and fringed mini bags in tones of camel and shade of black, a perfect purchase for the summer festival season lure you toward the back of the shop, whilst the brilliant green and Petrel blue feathered clutch beckons a passer by from the front window. 

The collection is not one for the colour shy, with bolts of electric blue, turquoise, pink and vibrant oranges, juxtaposing metallics and of course, natural skins, but its beautiful play with textiles and textures make it one to buy into, with the idea coming from making the line, previously known as Safor, which launched in 2007, more accessible. The successful attempt at broadening the market demographic is achieved without loss of Sarah's signature direction of simplicity, beauty and versatility.  

It is also worth noting that, every, skin used in Sarah Forsyth's collection of handbags and accoutrements is sourced through CITES, the Convention on International Trade and Endangered Species which ensures they are sustainably curated and ethically sourced. An ideology which today is as important in the eyes of the consumer, as the designer, who's aim is to be 'environmentally aware and sustainable in every aspect of operations from design to delivery'.

The label is available online at www.safor.co.uk, and also promises a Bespoke service. Appointment only. Naturally. 'Where those who demand exclusivity, can have their treasured possession handcrafted' by one of their Italian craftsman and boasts the elusive, white coloured Python bag, priced at  £1200. The bag has been pictured on the arm of Made in Chelsea star, Millie Mackintosh, whom also attended the store's launch, along with fellow cast member and blogger Rosie Fortescue, amongst others.

Thank you to Rachel Anderson one of Fashiontent's guest writers for attending and reviewing this great Sarah Forsyth collection. I love the black clutch bag with the gold buckle....classic styling for the coming Winter Party season...

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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A La Disposition S/S 2013 at LFW ....New Yorkers in London with serious talent...

Daniel Kinne and I talking about the vision for their latest installation of fashion creations....

The invitation to A La Disposition's presentation at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden...

My visit to the Royal Opera House to view A La Disposition's presentation surpassed all my expectations. I like to be surprised. One can form preconceptions about places. To me America has always been a 'play it safe' place, prone to be a slave to the commercial fashion style solution each Season, Donna Karen and Ralph Lauren come to mind. From an Art Direction and Styling point of view American Vogue is blandly dedicated to the conservative fashion option if one compares it with Italian or French Vogue. After taking a walk around the presentation looking at the extraordinary innovative outfits and styles on display I was amazed when I over heard Daniel's American accent...I thought he was English! 
Educated in fashion at the Parsons school in New York city his design partner and wife Lynda whom he met at Parsons have settled in Clapham South London very contentedly with their daughters. He explained that he found New York creatively restrictive and thrives over here in London because there is a freedom of expression and respect for innovation and those who challenge established ways of thinking about pattern cutting....
The collection called Misfit Toys stays true to their iconic trademark of mixing a vintage feel with modern and cutting edge elements. Three dimensional references and highly pixelated prism structures made out of fabric using new pattern cutting techniques in exaggerated silhouettes worked! 
Lynda Kinne is clearly the muse for the collection her blue hair style was replicated on the mannequins in various complimentary dye shades. The 'A La Disposition' woman is Quirky and not afraid to stand out in a crowd. Helena Bonham Carter, Lady Gaga, Florence Welsh, Skin from Skunk Anansie come to mind as perfect clients for this talented duo. Daniel and Lynda have been commissioned  to produce unique outfits for many performance artists they tell me . Their one off pieces are between 700.00 and 3,000 pounds. Frankly if you view them as bespoke art this is not expensive...  
The collection is designed apparently with the intent to refresh classic wardrobe pieces, the repetition of shapes and prism structures which adorn the separate items purpose is to catch the eye. Beautifully made using Linen and Shantung I really liked the voluminous silhouettes that created exaggerated bubble skirts and abstract structural dresses.
The avant Garde works here - the more I looked at the construction and overall effect of this clever collection the more I was struck that those who dare to be different are the winners because they experiment and don't care what other people think...
Marc Jacobs, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood are part of this 'in crowd' who have found success with their propensity to think outside the box!


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Monday, 1 October 2012

Spijkers en Spijkers S/S 2013 collection - London Fashion Week

1920's Deco theme - the models looked amazing, loved the hair

The interview with Truss and Riet after the S/S 2013 show 

Spijkers en Spijkers

One of the high lights of last season’s London Fashion Week for me was meeting Truus and Riet the design talent behind Spijker and Spijker.  The  iconic, reclusive, and eccentric Bouvier women in the now famous and fascinating ‘Grey Gardens’ documentary influenced the A/W 2012 show collection. http://schelay.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/spijker-en-spijker-aw-201213-vauxhall.html
Though not a new inspiration in the fashion world these Danish girls metaphorically sourced and recycled the tired retro 70’s curtains much as Eddie Bouvier had in her ramshackle mansion house in the Hamptons and ran up bold print frocks, skirts and jackets creating modern, wearable clothes, right on trend for the print explosion we have seen everywhere this season, so refreshingly stylish and different….I like to imagine that much like me the Spijkers en Spijkers twins used to experiment with the style diverse contents of their dressing up box as children where styling experiments (some good some bad ! )inspired the creation of the Kooky, clever, sexy and stylish Spijkers en Spijkers woman. Carey Mulligan comes to mind as a potential muse….. 

The Spring/Summer Spijkers en Spijkers 2013 Collection didn’t disappoint.
Called ‘La Femme Paysage’ which roughly translated means ‘the feminine landscape’
we saw a 1920s Deco silhouette with a modern contemporary twist taking inspiration from Sonia Delaunay’s colourful sketches …Geometric patterns much like a patch work quilt body mapped flatteringly forming colour blocked panels on the models as they strutted comfortably up and down the Catwalk.
This collection had something for everyone, later in contrast we saw sultry bold black lace figure hugging knee length dresses, some scattered with coloured lace patch panels tantalisingly placed on the body to see through where it mattered, very sexy and grown up….
I asked Truus about this part of the show and she said that this was her perception of sexy, something hidden and then revealed….
Tailoring is something these Dutch girls are passionate about and it showed in the flattering cut of the satin suits and jackets, reminiscent of the androgynous and sexy 1970s feminine contrast seen in the erotic work of Berlin born photographer Helmut Newton.

Spijkers en Spijkers have since the creation of the label in 2000 built an instantly recognizable and desirable style. A style that is known for its graphic detailing and outstanding use of colour. While rebelling against stereotypical ideas of femininity. Spijkers en Spijkers speak to confident, active and modern women who rewrite the rulebook on female style. Twin sisters Truus and Riet graduated from Arnhem College of Arts. After many successful seasons in London the Spijkers en Spijkers label showed in Milan but returned to London for SS 2011.

Price points start at £300 - £1500.

For Sales please contact

Paul Wendt

Take a look at the collection below ..........

The print from my favourite dress here on the invitation to the Spijkers en Spijkers show

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