Monday, 29 March 2010

Le Inspiration Tennis - Hermes

Love these shoes.....
Jean Paul Gaultier takes a nostagic look at tennis and uses it for inspiration for SS2010 Hermes - Tres Chic !

Le Tennis Vogue

Timeless Tennis fashion 1947 above

Swinging Sixties sweet simplicity...

Tres elegant mon amis ...

Chris Evert always looked great

Sharapova swirls and opulence in true Russian style .....

Adidas by Stella McCartney....

I like the balloon skirt, very cute and different

As the weather improves we like to play outdoor games such as Tennis, here are a few stylish moments in tennis fashion history right up to todays cool looks on the court.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Natalie Massenet not sold out....

Natalie Massenet brain child behind Net-a-Porter a company that has risen over the last ten years to become one of the top high end etailers in the world has sold her share stake.
It would seem by looking at Net-a-Porter's profit margin us girls are still buying expensive designer clothes in the down turn and we like to do it on line. Net-a-Porter makes it so easy!
Massenet is expected to walk away with 50 million from the sale of her share of the company to Swiss group Richemont.
Who can begrudge her one penny of that when one thinks of the jobs she has created in the development of her successful business. She has worked her socks off for the last ten years in a high risk competitive area. She unlike top bankers (with an equivalent sum given in one year in bonus) has earned her money and given something back to the economy. Well done Natalie we applaud you.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kutlu - makes the ordinary extraordinary!

What wonderful lighting, up there with David Bailey

Just a little bit of wind can lift a shot from ordinary to spectacular
Kutlu is a photographer to note - I love the way he captures movement and makes the clothes and subject take on an unexpected character of their own as they come to life with the use of a wind machine and fast camera shutter speed. It goes without saying Kutlu has excellent technical ability to be able to pull this off and the proof of this is the fact he is also able to create the most amazing images with the merest of above... wonderful !
Capturing the moment perfectly is what it is all about...

Friday, 19 March 2010

John Galliano reigns supreme - AW 2010-11

Yes I agree the Christain Dior show was good!

' no matter where she is from, the Dior woman lives - and dresses for - a fairytale'

Marc Jacobs- Brand photography concept

Please click on images to enlarge

Natalie Vosloo works for Red Bee Media and proved to me on my course that she has an instinctive feel for fashion brand promotion, love this campaign idea.

All my students had inspired ideas, I will be sending their assessment sheets to them next week.

copyright Natalie Vosloo - CSM Artscomm Art Direction Schelay McCarter