Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Ivana Basilotta - a name to watch

Livia Firth wearing Ivana Basilotta at the screening of 'The King's Speech' in Toronto 

Lovely Livia and Ivana at London fashion week this year - 
Karen Gillian of Dr Who TV fame was Ivana's model last season - photographed by Paul Weaver.

Ivana Basilotta is a name to watch. She is on her 3rd collection and each season they get more exquisite in detail and more covetable. Using organic cotton sustainably sourced  and a fair trade monitored work force in the up and coming fashion continent of India Ivana has spear headed conscience free fashion branding by designing beautiful eco friendly clothes.
Livia Firth a self styled eco fashion ambassador with her own fashion blog on loves Ivana's work and has worn her clothes on many occasions most notably at the screening of her husbands latest film 'The Kings Speech' in Toronto. 
Please look at my other postings on Ivana Basilotta

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ralph Lauren - using film for kids brand

Please click on fashiontent4kids ( on right of screen here) to see this post.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Apple ipad2 whips up frenzy in Covent Garden today-

Privileged Apple staff enjoying the sun and attention - no queues for them!

Walking back through Covent Garden after a meeting I noticed alot of activity near the Apple store and discovered that Apple magic has struck again with the launch of the ipad2 - I was amazed at the huge queues of chic geeks waiting patiently in line for the 5 o'clock opening and sales kick off today when the cash registers will be literally on overload, as will Steve Job's already full bank account !!!
Having an Apple product is cool and aspirational - it proves that design as well as functionality is important to the discerning who have good cash flow - Apple is the Marc Jacobs/ Louis Vuitton of the digital techno world.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sophie Hollins reports -

Sophie Hollins Bristol university graduate and all round talented fashionista went to review The Jam Tree on the Kings Road last night for Fashiontent. 

The Jam Tree, Chelsea 
Arriving at The Jam Tree last night, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. Its' self-description as a destination for high quality gastro-pub food, a quiet drink after work, and late-night bar left me wondering exactly how this concept would work. It’s a formula that’s been successful at its sister site in Kensington, so what’s its secret? The first thing I noticed upon walking in was the atmosphere; the music was great, the rose-gold lights hanging over the bar created the perfect soft glow, and it had a sophisticated yet cosy feel. We were treated to champagne and strawberry mojitos – the fastest made mojitos in all of London – as well as some of the delicious food from their menu, such as jerk chicken skewers and cod and prawn fishcakes. Yesterday’s beautiful weather showcased The Jam Tree at its best: there’s a gorgeous garden at the back, which, with its decking and plants, is a welcome retreat from the busy streets of nearby Fulham Broadway and the King’s Road – it even has its own bar and a BBQ. In the summer, it will be the perfect place to spend lazy afternoons with friends, enjoying the sunshine and good food. The Jam Tree is surprisingly successful in all that it claims to be, and it’s difficult to find any fault with it (although, perhaps the stairs to the garden may prove rather tricky to master after a few drinks)! Its relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, and excellent food make The Jam Tree a place that’ll be loved by locals and somewhere people will make a special effort to visit; you’ll want to come to again, and again.

Thank you Sophie,  feed://  for this feed back, sounds like you were well looked after and had a great time. Thank you also to Keziah for the invite to the opening. 


Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fashion on Film - Yves Saint Laurent

Take a look at this fashion film for YSL - 
I will be running a course at CSM Artscomm called 'Create your own Fashion Film' in 2012.
We will look at Art Direction combined with Film Direction to sell fashion - 
My students already use music with Powerpoint on their Art Direction projects very effectively, using the same idea and creating a short film is a natural progression -
Details will be released in the next couple of months - get in quick as it will be popular! 

Check out this short fashion film shot by fashion photography duo Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin for the S/S 2011 YSL champaign using model Arizona Muse. It is a brilliant example of how using music and moving image creates an aspirational aura which is very seductive - aim - to sell fashion!

Kate a few days before Japan imploded and the Libya offensive!

Kate Middleton is so photogenic - these carefree photos were taken just a few days before Japan was sent into an unforeseen apocalypse and a week later we have embarked on an offensive against Libya with the French and Americans - they would like us to be believe sorting it all out is as easy as Kate flipping this pancake!! 

Indian fashion market on the up!

Lakme Fashion week has just finished and is where Sao Paulo fashion week was 15 -20 years ago - ie on the up and  biting at the heels of London, Paris and New York.  In it's 13th year Lakme was the most successful yet reflecting the economic growth of India and the rise in prosperity of the aspirational middle and upper class in this post colonial country hungry to look stylish and not afraid to spend money to do so.

The Wills Lifestyle store (above )champions home grown Indian designer talent.

It was reported that some 95% of business conducted as a result of fashion week was domestic. 

Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee remarked that he sells to around 17,000 clients every year. Given India's population, this it not a big number. However, consider the average cost of a Sabyasachi shalwar kameez, around $500 (£308), and it is clear that he tailors his garments to attract India's monied elite. 

Some say Indian designers need the Wests guidance as they still struggle with the fundamental ideals of what makes an international fashion label successful: Professionalism, reliability, and quality. Also the extreme lead times required following the fast fashion trend lead by Zara in the late 90s. 
I suspect that this will not hold them back and that before we know it it will be a famous Indian brand that is leading the way in the International high end fashion world. 
For Indian designers, the possibilities on either side of the equation are large: A domestic market with more than one billion potential clients, as well as an international market keen to see them combine traditional flare with Western commercial viability.

Ones to watch.....

Tarun Tahiliani
Rohit bal
JJ Valaya
Suneet Verma
Satya Paul
Ranna Gill
Rohit ghandi
Rahul Khan
Rajesh Pratap Singh
Nandita Bash

Sabyasachi Mukherjee
This is a great web site -  I love it !

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Year 2000 vintage Moschino brand Classic cont...

Model reminiscent of The 'Birth of Venus by Botticelli'!
Flamboyant styling
I love this Sports spread 

More on the genius of Moschino - Here are some more examples of the excellent brand campaign launched in the year 2000 taken from ID - for more info read previous posting.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Year 2000 Moschino fashion advertising platinum in ID

Giselle year  2000

Whilst having a Spring clean today spurred on by the sun shining and the birds singing! I came across a small cupboard I had not looked in for a wee while - ie 11 years!!! It had recently been revealed after an old computer hard drive was ejected to 'land fill' heaven. To my joy I found some year 2000 magazine gems one cover of which I have on display above...inside I found an Aladdin's cave of excellent top brand advertising, Dior, Gucci and this brilliant Moschino Cheap & Chic campaign mimicking a Barbie outfit pack. There were a whole series of these I recall released at the time and they were fab. This was before the sophisticated photographic post production we have today remember. I particularly want to draw your attention to the 'animal print' spread especially as this is a stable trend now 11 years later in 2011!
There has been a tendency by some to berate the whole Barbie doll thing - well frankly Barbie was my first introduction to aspirational fashion - I never really liked Sindy as much.  Barbie was couture and Sindy was High street. I saved up pocket money for the best out fits, and I made my Barbie clothes in an attempt to make up for not being able to afford more, much in the same way that I aspire to make myself a few frocks now! Barbie accessories could not be made by me - so these were really treasured - Barbie's shoes were like Jimmy Choos to me today.

The 1960s is an influential decade today, never seems to date just be updated.

Barbie accessories today, Chloe/Stella McCartney ?

Vintage Barbies

Who does this remind you of?

Copy Schelay McCarter - please credit

Friday, 18 March 2011

Vogue Italia - Please sign petition against pro anorexia web sites

Stop the madness and sign this petition on Vogue Italia website now - If you want to hear someone talking sense about food see the Lilly Allen documentary on iplayer called Riches to Rags - she is someone who has 'seen it, done it, been there' and now knows what is important in life - ! well almost, she does smoke ! but hey haven't we all at some point?

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Chelsea Girl relaunch....

Austen Powers was a laugh - well the first film was - then it became boring especially with Elizabeth Hurley in it - who can't act for toffee! I was reading an article in Vogue about the fact that 'Chelsea Girl' a High Street brand from the 60s and 70s was relaunching in River Island and whilst researching this fascinating fashion fact I came across the above film ! It has got everything in it apart from Kate and Wills look alikes posing with the Union Jack holding a tub of Marmite! Marmite kind of sums it up really! This short fashion promo is attached to Americana Manhasset based on Long Island's north shore, never heard of it? - well now you have - this is a top end brand designer shopping village reality numbering about 50 stores providing an all round retail therapy experience the American way. Have an explore of their fashion promotion films on the web site - they are quite a thing production wise!  I have just booked my flight Stateside for investigative purposes only you understand -  on second thoughts I suppose we have Chelsea, The Kings Rd, Westborne Grove, Sloane Street, Bond Street, St Christopher's place, Conduit St in Londinium with oodles of fab history to boot - think I will stay here ...London rocks ! and how flattering that Americana Manhasset thinks so too!

I can't believe this Chelsea Girl hosiery pack photo - I know the 70s were a semi swinging time - but has this girl got no dignity ?

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Lilly Allen - in Disguise

This is a dress I just ordered from ebay for £9.99 - not vintage but at that price I will customise it - take off the sleeves and the awful buttons and create something bespoke.

This is Lilly Allen and Sarah Owen's ( sister) new idea - vintage clothing to rent/hire - It is in Covent Garden, King Street - so very central and has a make-up, nails and hair salon attached -  Their carefully chosen vintage selection is the 'creme de la creme' of top designer brands such as original Ozzie Clarke, Dior, Chanel to name but a few, not to be found on ebay - if you want to look totally amazing and authenticly stylish rent a dress from here.
Go take a look in Lucy in Disguise and let me know what you think ...

Monday, 14 March 2011

Viktor & Rolf - amazing tailoring

On my theme of fashion showing strength, this collection gives out a message of don't mess with me - clothes armour / power dressing taken to a new level.  
I loved the ground breaking constructivist tailoring features - this show will influence other designers. There was a good balance of wearability versus art fashion innovation.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Just launched fashiontent4kids


To see more click on the above link, this blog is all about kids fashion, lifestyle, family and home trends. 

Friday, 11 March 2011

Cotillion Battalion, fashion survival - fashiontent archive

An Art direction project from my archive - it was developed with Rachel Neely just after the banking crisis was main news 2 years ago - Now we have a state of Nuclear emergency in Japan with two nuclear reactors at serious risk. The question is which way will the wind blow? scary! The worlds money markets will potentially go into fall out tomorrow over this. It makes the Libyan problem seem insignificant which it is not! Dress down chic / survival chic may be the name of the game, it is not quite so cool when it becomes real! but in reality anything can be glamourised - heroine chic was a big trend and though very controversial launched Kate Moss I recall with photographer Corrine Day. 
It was Mario Testino who transformed her look into a 'hot ' South American inspired muse later which propelled her to super model status.