Thursday, 26 May 2022

Fashion Narrative media Solution for AW 22/23 - Daniel Emilsson - for Dazed magazine or Jil Sander

©Daniel Emillson

Art direction - Daniel Emilsson
Creative Direction - Schelay McCarter

The project that I have showcased this month is by one of my Art Direction for Fashion online students-  Swedish Art Director Daniel Emilsson.
Daniel comes highly recommended by me. His instinctive awareness of the potential of the still and moving image for conveying mood and emotion to sell a dream became clear by week 3 of my 6 week course. Daniel took on board this guidance, and developed a sophisticated and beautiful aesthetic vision to sell Autumn Winter trends for Dazed magazine. 
Totally understanding my message that it is the alchemy of the mood and feeling we can evoke as image makers that will inspire spend and customer loyalty, The electrochemical impulse that triggers us to dive in, relishing visual escapism, looking for the fix of beauty.
We subconsciously self brand - style our lives to reflect our aspirations and dreams, goals and passions, 'our world' - the goal of image makers and brand retailers is to capture the aspirational yearnings of a world we want - so powerful that consumers go back for more,
investing both emotionally as well as financially.
But as Tom Ford so wisely said you can use the best team of creatives in the world to create great images - if the apple is not good - after one bite the consumer will not take another if the taste is sour! 
Quality, design and customer service have to be aligned. Daniel currently works for Miinto as Senior Art Director. 

'Self branding' means how we want to present ourselves to the world - we were denied this during the sweat pant era of Covid isolation screen front communication - 

Daniels Fashion narrative idea would be perfectly applied for Jil Sander - I love the use of the primal elements such as fire and water he has employed to evoke the mood and primeval atmosphere in his idea of Freedom and liberation. A videographer would be able to capture the mood during the 2 day shoot on Bornholm island in Denmark. 


Fashiontent Featured Art Director Daniel Emilsson

A Swedish Sr. Art Director working in Copenhagen at Miinto. 
A background in design and communication with a bachelors in "design and communication" from Link√∂pings University experienced in graphic design, photography and art direction. 
With a background in tech companies and startups Daniel's passion for fashion is being fulfilled at Miinto at the moment.
Outside of work Daniel enjoys photography, music and of course fashion, he particularly likes Jil Sander. 

Copy Schelay McCarter
UAL Course Director of 'Art Direction for Fashion' onsite and online Granary Square London

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Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Trends - branding - UAL CSM - MA Fashion 2022 Presents: SHINY SHINY

Sharing 55 collections from the class of 2022, this exhibition follows on from the MA Fashion Show shown at London Fashion Week.

With exhibition design by students from M ARCH: Architecture as well as still and moving image by MA Fashion Communication: Fashion Image students.

Sunday, 20 February 2022

Fashion Film - JENN LEE 22 Spring Summer- Families (4K)

This is a really innovative method to showcase a new seasons collection employing VR

JENN LEE, a brand that builds on the core theme of women’s power, was founded by designer Wei Chen, Lee in 2017. JENN LEE transmits creativity, passion, and confidence to evoke the potential and power within people—becoming a pillar of mind to everyone. 

“The value of Fashion is not defined by sales, but by the delivery of concepts and stories." 

Wei Chen Lee, graduated from University of the Arts London with her focus dedicated to womenswear. With a strong mind of creativity and an experimental passion, Lee Wei Chen combines Avant-garde fashion with delicate craftmanship to realize elegance. Flexible yet preserving her core identity, Lee Wei Chen cooperated with people worldwide--from dancers, cinematographers, sound art designers, painters, to technology, and sports-technology brands. Her limitless and studious personality excited numerous amounts of inspiration. Each garment, design, advertisement, and show links tightly with her style and personality--threading her brand as one and creating a thorough story.

JENN LEE was selected in the final top ten in "Future Fabric Contest", which was hosted by Swatch On(Fabric Platform from Korea) and NJAL(Fashion Platform from London).
 JENN LEE was invited by NIKE Taiwan to cooperate with the up-cycle Workshop in February 2020. JENN LEE made a grand impression during the participation in the third season of Taipei episode on the Red Bull Austria web show “Hubertusjagd.” Moreover, Count Bilal Hasanni, the representative of France in the Eurovision Song Contest, picked JENN LEE as the cover of his book “Singulier.”

JENN LEE intends to continue the move towards more sustainable fashion; 19SS JENN LEE created a conceptual piece with upcycled motor gloves. 20FW JENN LEE emphasized on the power within women's curves through wasted body wears. 21SS further implemented upcycling practices by working with their audience to gather second-hand denim and industrial fabric wastes. 

As the representation of the new generation. JENN LEE continues its motto, "less in numbers, more in diversity, quality over quantity," to move forward as a brand. JENN LEE's attitude is to see behind the priced labels and understand a brand's essence.

Saturday, 19 February 2022


An excellent fashion promo film for the new seasons collection - stills would have been shot alongside this for a look book and brand campaign. 

see how this was made on an earlier post on here 


BANSHEE OF SAVILE ROW - Behind the Scenes - LFW 2021 -

Tuesday, 4 January 2022

Test Shoot - Let's Get Sustainable - Gennaro D' Alia - Art Direction for Fashion -

The idea

It's Time to Look back - reinvent, here we have 'New to Me' - Sustainable Styling using preloved, vintage clothes. The inspiration vintage photo shoots ..........

For his personal project set in my Art Direction for Fashion class Gennaro D'Alia looked to his core beliefs and reflected on his own style direction as an Art Director. Now was the time to experiment and explore , take chances, try things out. Recognising this aspect of creative style development is an important part of being an art director. 

It is only through experimentation - accepting that some shots might not work as well as others but nevertheless trying this out that confidence will flourish  - understanding that all great photographers and art directors test out ideas to discover what works best for them, to increase their confidence and develop their own unique image hand writing. 

Cutting loose from outside influences, shedding preconceptions of what they should like and exploring more broadly why certain images make them emotionally connect is a good starting point. The best images are those that have something special that makes us remember them.

Commercial images that transcend their original purpose and after time develop that elusive feeling of art is what we should aspire to create as art directors.


There are some shots here that work much better than others, I have not edited Gennaro's submission.
Which ones do you like ? 

Personal Project by Photographer Gennaro D'Alia 

Creatively directed by Schelay McCarter @ fashiontent