Friday, 23 October 2020

Slow Fashion Vision - Preloved and Eco brand blends - for Next Normal

We have enough clothes on this planet to clothes the next three generations. Lets find creative ways of re - loving our existing clothes, swop, share, customise, re invent, if you buy new, buy quality, buy less, look locally for artisans and independent small sustainable brands  - make your own, we as consumers have the power to influence and slow down our world to be mindful of how our actions collectively can bring positive change.

This beautiful slow fashion focused narrative to sell the idea that we should love what we have and blend our wardrobe with preloved, and sustainable new brands of quality.

© Basak Erteken
creative Direction - Schelay McCarter

Tuesday, 6 October 2020

SLOW FASHION Lets your clothes care for the planet.

Mindful wardrobe editing starts before you buy 

Here are some examples of students who are embracing mindful consumerism, by evaluating and editing their wardrobe. Here they share their observations, in their quality not quantity quest.

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ecostylebee on instagram 

Monday, 5 October 2020

Student Project Edit Showcase Sept 2020 Art direction for Fashion online course


We wear many hats representing who we are in both our personal and professional lives.

As global citizens we are all not that dissimilar - we all have very similar aspirations, goals, ambitions and fears. Tapping into the human side of who we are is key to creating emotionally literate images that resonate with a target audience. Now more than ever we need positive images and optimistic messages to help us through the uncertain times we are living in. My edit of student projects I am show casing this month reflect how I am feeling and what appeals to me. My choice will be reflective of what I think will connect with us at the moment when we are all missing not being able to dress up and go out. There is a yearning out there to get back to the vibe of life, to mix and share ideas with our friends and work colleagues face to face, have parties, dance, hug freely, share our lives rubbing shoulders, we want to spread our wings, life i hear my students say !

these project ideas show how to escape into a world that inspires us, so we can look forward not back. 

enjoy and I would welcome feed back ....

© Art Director / Stylist - Hannah Monaghan
Creative Direction Schelay McCarter fashiontent 

More projects to follow.......