Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Summer of 2019 - Stranger in the Park - for PUNKT magazine


The Test Shoot 

In London's Hyde Park
Lets all SLOW down

Dominka models as Photographer Jimmy You shoots - 

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Back Stage 

Alice centre is a fashion designer from Florence Italy

Jimmy - with the team taking the photos
Jimmy is based in Hong Kong and comes from a long line of photographers.

Lapo a fashion design graduate from Italy styles Domika

Dominika speaks fluent Japanese and studies fashion in Tokyo

Alice styling Dominika

Lapo and Alice styling Domika as Jimmy directs and shoots

Natalya Art Directing 

The Team!
I love the freedom of the back stage photos - it captures the wonderful creative 
fun and vision of the team.
A group of people bought together for a week by CSM UAL to join my course 
'Art Direction for Fashion' 
in London free to experiment and create something unique and innovative.

Team Playing is a key skill to have in the creative Industry - being able to engage , cooperate and think creatively as a team is essential.

This group of international students from China, Tuscany, Russia and Japan met on my CSM week long course Art Direction for Fashion.  Their good creative communication resulted in this wonderfully free expression of their take on the fashion zeitgeist of the moment adding each of their own special ingredients to the creative pot a unique fashion vision was created in Londons Hyde Park. 

'We get by with a little help from our friends' 

Creative team

Photographer/Art Director - Jimmy
Model/Art Director - Dominika
Stylist - Dominika 
Assistant Stylist - Alice and Natalya
Art Direction/styling - Lapo

Creative Director - Schelay

© the above team