Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Vancouver's own' Lululemon' and Canadian Street Style in the Capital Victoria

The distinctive Lululemon logo

Simple window display for Lululemon activewear

The store in Victoria BC

Simple display...not unlike Benetton ! the wood is so perfect reflecting Canada's big forestry industry producing some of the best quality sustainable wood in the world.
The running skirt is one of the brands best designs this summer....ideal for tennis as well as running..

Matching Shorts, coordinated girlfriends out shopping...

These two sisters look great in their maxi dress and skirt....

Could be sisters but not apparently, love their look, short or long wear it with style - note the knot tied in the maxi skirt.
Like the knot in her skirt

Uptown Victoria

Vintage MG parked amongst the not so cool modern cars!

I was intrigued to discover Lululemon a new fitness brand in London's Covent Garden.
It would seem that Vancouver is the birth place of influential sports/fitness/fashion label.
The brand's founding store can be found in Vancouver. I visited the Vancouver store and got so carried away trying on the clothes I forgot to take any photos there! however the Victoria store is almost as good. It is a cache designer fitness brand, body conscious styling and quite sexy. Not cheap, however the quality of the fabric and styling finish compensates for this. Gap has part plagiarised the logo for their own fitness capsule collection. The difference in price is seductive but the high tech sports friendly fabric technology found in the original makes up for this.
Victoria is on Vancouver island across the water by ferry or by plane from Vancouver, a bit further but not much as us taking the ferry across to France from Dover to Calais.
I found that 'sisters' are doing it for themselves in uptown Victoria street style as you can see above.

There will be more on Canadian style later....

Monday, 8 July 2013

Storm Model Victoria Savory and Boyfriend Harry in Sean Knott fashion shoot for FT online magazine prototype

Here is the fashion story I art directed and styled a few weeks ago working with brilliant photographer Sean Knott, the talented Zoe and Gemma from Hobs Hair, Molly Portsmouth on make-up and of course the dazzling Victoria and her great other half Harry who incidentally is a song writer and will be a mega star soon once his new collection of songs are released.
I decided to develop the concept that though most guys like to look good, functionality and simple styling is their aim, girls are the Peacocks ! As Darwin theorised it is the female that adorns to attract. I hope the shoot Story speaks for itself.
Many thanks for the marvellous Nathan who lent us Victoria again from Storm Models new faces.