Thursday, 17 October 2019

Student Project - Black Mystery, A fashion Narrative for ID magazine, shot & produced in London

It is all about the clothes,
This fashion narrative was conceived to showcase black and lace for Autumn/Winter 19/20.
The mood warm, stylish, sexy and sophisticated.

The Clothes

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The Concept


The Magazine

The Photographers

The Location

The Models

 The Hair 

The Make - up

Page lay-out design

The Test Shoot 

Back Stage

The Art Direction and Shoot Production team

The team after a successful presentation.

This fashion art direction project was a great team effort this September at CSM Granary Square. 
The 4 members of the Art Direction for fashion team had never met each other before this short course week. They bonded and set to work making things happen in time for the final presentation dead line on the last day of this weekly course.
I am a believer that proactivity and belief in yourself are the two most important qualities you need to get a Test shoot project started. These 4 talent girls took my advice and made it happen.

© - Art Directors -Jonglak Jirahirunsathien, Fei Su, Elisa Smart, Natalia Paruzak.

Creative Direction - Schelay McCarter