Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Art Direction Class of June 2011 - Central St Martins

Vini, Myrto, Mireia, Cecilia, Viviane,Vicky, Ashley, Lindsey and Andre 
view from room 714


Room 714 at Central Saint Martins Southampton Row was the venue for a group of talented students I was lucky enough to teach for the last 10 weeks. I was thrilled with the proactive commitment everyone made in responding to the demanding brief I set. The results were very inspiring. Watch this space as I will be show casing their work. 

Photography Schelay McCarter - please credit 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Tati Colier - transmits a rebellious intelligence

This 20 yr old Argentinian model is a rare find - not classically beautiful - Tati Colier with Select Models radiates an intelligent and rebellious beauty. She has a personality that is engaging and a look that is captivating. For this reason she is as commercial as Amber Valleta, Erin OcConnor and Karen Elsen other models with a look that is beautiful but different. Some might even say that she has the rare chameleon like qualities of Kate Moss. Photographers love to use models such as these as they give guaranteed commitment to the job in hand and as a result a special connection through the lens. 
Watch this space she has already done Vivienne Westwood and worked with Steven Meisel and Proenza Schouler and Lanvin for H&M. 

Monday, 20 June 2011

Moulin Rouge inspired 'Belle Epoque' evening in London's fashionable Shoreditch

Scarlett proved the most popular colour choice for corsets at the fabulous Belle Epogue party event in Shoreditch on Saturday night. I liked this guest's black lace top with the Scarlett corset from true corsets http://www.truecorset.com/ perfect with her stylish black fascinator bought from Gorgeous and Glorious http://www.gorgeousandglorious.co.uk/
To read my review of the evening scroll to the bottom on this post.
Sophie Hollins fashiontent's 'Girl about Town' and Cambridge student Lily looked fabulous in their outfits and got swept off their feet by some Parisienne Money Brokers who whirled them around the dance floor!
to see Sophie's take on the evening check out her blog here
http://sogni-doro.tumblr.com/post/6730289523/la-belle-epoque <http://sogni-doro.tumblr.com/post/6730289523/la-belle-epoque
Masks proved to be a popular choice, the black feather facinator here was also hired from Gorgeous and Glorious http://www.gorgeousandglorious.co.uk/

Rosie who looked after us brilliantly had the right idea wearing a snug fur coats as she waited to greet her guests outside.
Stylish masked guest

Belle Epoque Champagne flowed!

The Belle Epoche entertainment was done with style and verve
Excellent trapeze artists provided part of the entertainment
Highly skilled and magnetic performers mesmerised everyone with their skill
The bar was brimming with all manner of delicious concoctions for our delectation, manned by expert bar men
Guests being interviewed by themed film team for the Belle Epoque website.
Stylish top hat with blue ribbon matched his cravat - dress suits were hired for the event by many of the men
Fabulous waist coat in silk jacquard , I like the unusual fur bustle on this tartan skirted outfit.
A typically stylish Belle Epoque couple on our table, loved her hat
Red corsets as you can see here were very popular, check out true corsets for this look,

On our table in the press section Journalist Laeticia the entertainment researcher for ITVs London Tonight programme looked very stylish indeed in this lovely grey silk corseted  dress, I really liked her pale mauve nail polish.
Photography Schelay McCarter please credit
We were not quite sure what to expect from the Belle Epoque evening in the Shoreditch studios in London. Moulin Rouge came to mind as we were 
led into a cavernous room that had been transformed convincingly into a lavish music hall, complete with a stage, trapezes and three floors decked out with balustrades and lined with Crimson velvet curtains. 
The space had been cleverly designed to allow a good view of the acts from where ever you might choose to be. There were three bars, one on the balcony level and two at ground level manned by expert smartly attired bar men who worked hard all evening mixing delicious cocktails and providing glasses of iced water when required.
Every effort had been made to make this an evening of style and verve.
Whilst sipping our champagne from stylish vintage glasses at our balcony table we were able to observe our fellow guests arriving. It was expected that an effort be made to stick to the strict dress code, be it 'a femme fatale, or feisty fan dancer, a petticoated show girl or a powdered Marie Antoinette, big hair or risky hemline with gentlemen advised to aim for the devilishly dashing look, using masks and disguises to create an air of mystique with moustaches, cloaks silken top hats and crisp tails'. It was clear that many men had gone to the effort and expense of hiring top hats and waistcoats to get an authentic Belle Epoque look. 
The girls favoured corsets primarily. Scarlet was a popular colour. The atmosphere was fantastic and there was a real buzz in the room as the event warmed up and people began to relax and enjoy themselves. Like the now iconic film Moulin Rouge the acts performed to music hall instrumentals with a modern twist. Later on contemporary 80’s and 90s music took over – great to dance the night away to. 
The next Belle Epoque is on 
the 1st of October. http://www.belleepoqueparty.com/
Tickets are only £20.00
Call 020 7724 1617 to book a truly memorable and brilliant night out.
To create your outfit check out 
http://www.gorgeousandglorious.co.uk/ for stylish fascinators to buy or hire and for that Moulin Rouge show girl look check out 
To see the Portuguese version of this go to http://www.revistab.com.br/ a Brazilian fashion and lifestyle website