Thursday, 27 September 2012

Wine tasting and Vintage fashion Sat 6th Oct 4 - 7 pm in fashionable Wapping by the River Thames London - what could be better?

You are cordially invited to a Wine Tasting with a Vintage Edge!

In fashionable Wapping, London

Lookout Room at the Prospect of Whitby Pub

57 Wapping Wall, Wapping, London, E1W 3SH

The directions are:

Train stop: Wapping Underground
Bus: 100 from Tower Hill Station
D3 from Canary Wharf

Google Maps:,London&cid=0,0,183708364494675162&ei=wcBuULyCPaPS0QXL4oDYBw&ved=0CJQBEPwSMAA

I have teamed up with Nabygelegen and Mellasat Wines to create a wine tasting with a vintage edge - and also to the launch of my new Tasting Group: 'In Wine, Out Wine and About Wine' - combining my love of wine, food, meeting people, networking, travel, exploring new places.

Beyond Retro have a shop just down the road, should you need a dress or an outfit (they will hopefully be bringing some of their stock across). 
Schelay McCarter( fashiontent is a Fashion Lecturer at Central Saint Martins will also be providing a short talk and quiz on Vintage Fashion History...
Nicolas and Steele
: are very kindly providing vintage crockery for the event which will add a twist onto the day.

Wine Inspired Cupcakes as well as Vintage inspired snacks will be served as well. 

Time: 4pm - 7/8pm

Date: Saturday 6th October

Dress Code: Vintage - this can be your birth year or your favourite Vintage year...

Cost: £ 20 per person. Partners and Plus Ones are welcome to come along as well.

RSVP: by Wednesday 3rd October

Address: The Vintage Bean Cafe, 4 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH, London.

Google Maps:,London+E2+6EH&gl=uk&ei=R35kUIDdMeWX1AX5m4DACg&ved=0CGUQtgM

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Nova Chiu - London Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 13

‘Bridging the gap between mainstream media, press, industry and emerging, new and even graduating designers’, the platform that is Vauxhall Fashion Scout, the ‘leading independent event of London Fashion Week’ has continued to deliver it’s handpicked gems, nurturing and supporting their select talent upon showcasing it to an international audience in a, rightly so, celebration of design.

A particular facet of this celebration, the One’s to Watch category and award, described as a springboard for a new generation of emerging, innovative designers’ was herald last season by Nova Chiu, who’s proudly chaotic play with colour, texture and shape mixed with an ability to make heavy, unconventional materials and fabrics appear light and free, are again showcased this year and it is easy to see why.  With a step away from the slightly Avant Garde boundaries that were pushed last season, Nova Chiu have produced a beautifully matured collection of designs, ‘concentrating on creating a more wearable and versatile collection, where the minimalist tone taken embodies a clean, flattering and functional collection’.

Taking my seat in anticipation of the show, the room grows quiet, observing silently, a projection upon the back of the catwalk. A modest and nostalgic home video of travels and ventures from China, through to America, four months of travelling flickering to the audience, this which has inspired the creative minds of Nova and boyfriend Jeff, the duo behind the label, and in turn, their Spring Summer 2013 collection.

And now, although the film has ended, the projection continues, as the models walk, in long sharp steps, pulsating with the intense beat of the music, carrying abstract images of scenic landscapes, of mountains, trees and rivers, thriving from an electric mix of digital prints and communicated by way of silk, satin, cotton and spandex.

Hair, parted at the centre is pulled into a bun, bound at the nape of the neck, with long, wispy, strands, buoyant and floating, bouncing with the models as they move forward, one by one. Heavy eyebrows structure a bright colour pallet of makeup, potent and almost played against the clothing, a rainbow of pink, blue, orange and purple radiating from structured shapes and clean, sharp cuts.

I spy from the second row, trouser suits, cropped blouses and billowy dresses with kimonos and drapery floating against beautifully printed leggings, heavily structured blazers, perfect in detailing amongst thigh high splits and dresses with bold, back baring cuts, a personal favourite, the slicing of the fabric, falling along sharp shoulder blades, all tied with a modern oriental influence and finished with sequins, beading, fringing and necklaces, bejewelled.   

Copy and photos by fashiontent's guest writer Rachel Anderson

Jena Theo, London Fashion Week Spring/Summer 13 Collection

As I wind the staircase to the Portico room of Somerset House to see Jena Theo's Spring Summer 13 collection , I am unsure what to imagine of a collection entitled ‘Hell’s Angel’ and an Invitation card, I hold in my hand, tattooed with oriental inspiration and complemented with small gold insects scripted in gold.

Telling of ‘A woman living in close harmony with her environment. Alluding to Arthropoda – A large phylum of invertebrate animals that includes insects, spiders and crustaceans, architecture and their symbiosis’ and her relationship within as she. The Jena Theo woman, ‘respects and resounds to the world around her with the clothes she wears, the colours, textures, structures and the flow of energy are all a manifestation of her environment’.

This collection for Spring Summer 2013, regarded as their most innovative yet, pioneering new manipulation of techniques, prints and textures’ combines striking architectural silhouettes with the tattoo print and abstract work, hand rendered by artist O.Two.

Delicate Organza and spun silks are blended with latex and soft leather, mixed with exposed zippers and a structured bustier creating a rigid form amongst a sense of fluidity as the models walk, hypnotised upon stilts of a dark wooden wedge and leather cuffing, perfectly fitting to the music, which cry’s repetitively to me, ‘under your spell, you keep me under your spell, you keep me under your spell’. And it does.

Washed blacks, tangerines and citrus tones juxtapose nudes and neutrals, skirts, tulip in shape draped the model in Cowhide and a dress of black, with willowy strapping, channelling honeycomb pieces by way of shape and texture, referencing perfectly, the natural world whilst communicating a strong, modern aesthetic.

Hair ironed straight with a subtle backcomb, layers at the front falling, grazing cheekbones and the arms of sunglasses, caught around the ear of the model, their frames round in shape, with rims inverted, holding lenses polished and glittering as the flash of the cameras catch.

Hero pieces, and there are a few, include a beautifully glass beaded and sequin embellished cream, sleeveless dress, with a high neckline and of ankle length, any number of bustiers although in particular that which was white in detailing against near transparency and finally a long, angular cut, sleeved mini dress in a denim vintage wash, gradating darker as it nears the floor.

Copy and Photos by fashiontent's guest writer Rachel Anderson    

Monday, 17 September 2012

Jane Shepherdson exclusive interview and preview of the Whistles fabulous SS/13 offering

Jane and I looking through the Whistles Collection for S/S 13.
Finish and quality is very important to her....classic style with a modern twist is her vision for whistles..........
The Whistles woman is sophisticated and unpretentious with a busy full life, her wardrobe needs to suit her lifestyle.......
Bold Prints scattered in with nudes, neutral blues and brights formed one element of Jane's vision for Summer 13
Whistles hand bags in co-ordinating bright lime and classic black, all bound to be a best sellers
It was a real pleasure to meet Jane Shepherdson the Chief Executive of Whistles yesterday in a beautiful sunny suite in the Savoy Hotel London. Jane has 
an impressive reputation in the fashion industry. Formally Jane made a name for herself in the early days of 'fast fashion' at Top Shop making cutting edge decisions on style based on the style choices of Kate Moss, thus paving the way for Moss to launch her own collection at Top Shop....
Jane is an ethical fashion player now - and disapproves of the high volume low quality exploitative aspect of fashion production that brings in high profits.....but is not conscience based ....
Jane has pulled together an impressive collection of coordinating wardrobe building style zones that can be crossed over and merged....animal print has clearly been a successful seller becoming she agreed something that every woman should have in her wardrobe....
I liked the fabric texture offering in each style zone .....this gave depth and quality to each style zone where there was printed lace, jacquard, tulle, silk , satin and simple cotton jersey.
The collection is made in eastern Europe Jane told me lamenting the loss of the British fashion manufacturing industry. Whistles have looked into producing here in the UK however cannot find quality production facilities in the UK unfortunately. 
Easy to wear shapes in white and brights, classic Monocrome with nudes and neutrals make this a  winning collection that I certainly would want to buy into. 

Copy schelay McCarter pls credit
Photography - fashiontent  copyright G J

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Looking forward to London Fashion Week S/S 2012

I will be covering the shows for Les Do It magazine and website based in Madrid Spain.... and my blog this space.....

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Deal in Kent UK has best Vintage fashion.....

Deal in Kent a Seaside resort of style .....
Delpierre Antiques & Vintage Clothing 

The thriving High Street in the conservation area of historic Deal

Margery Foulkes has an eye for only the best Vintage clothes and has sources that rival Virginia Bates of Notting Hill vintage clothing shop 'Virginia'
She also has an amazing collection of exquisite vintage Wedding dresses...
A 1960s original

Margery washes her clothes by hand and restores them to their fresh former glory ready for a new owner to treasure

1960s original

This is another original, in size 12 a good fit but not cheap at £250.00. 

Margery has a wonderful collection of original (heavy) 1920/30s dresses...£295.00

1960 s original - check out the pattern and those colours!

Some beautiful couture hats and other curiosities to be found in Margery's shop... 

one of the original 1930s dresses.....£450.00

1950s prom dress

The hat that was worn with the Pink Dior suit...

Vintage Dior Pink dress suit £350.00 size 12

The trend for investing in original pieces of Vintage clothing is not waining in the UK. The reason being that these items hold their value in an uncertain market.... 
Deal in Kent is a small, unspoilt seaside resort however was not the place I would have expected to find Delpierre Antiques a shop selling a top of the range collection of quality vintage clothing that certainly rivals London's offering...
Clearly there is the spending power in Deal for this kind of a fashion investment and style, it reflects the growing sophistication of the place. Deal is soon to have a high speed rail link with Charing cross which will mean that the train journey will be cut by 30mins from 2 hours to 90 minutes... 
Margery Foulkes is originally from Paris and has an eagle eye for quality when it comes to vintage fashion. She not only stocks some amazing 'pieces' of fashion history but also sells beautiful antique furniture, Vintage Wedding dresses and has the reputation of being one of the best sources for Vintage Mink coats in the UK .......

she is to be found at .....

132 High Street
CT14 6BE

Tel 01304 370200