Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Vintage Film - icon Grace Kelly in High Society -

High Society clip - wonderful !

There has been much written about Grace Kelly and her influence on fashion and style - the most recent being a tribute exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
She had an extraordinary life - the fantasy life she played in film became reality when she married Price Rainier of Monaco - 

Her films were absolutely brilliant - the art direction superb - I have pulled some stills from one of her best films 'High Society' , the story line is extraordinary - and so modern and relevant today- I will say no more, just see it and you will see what I mean !
Her huge talent and enigmatic presence comes across in this and other films from this period. 

I inform my students how film can be used as inspiration for fashion and brand ideas for advertising and editorial shoots - High Society has a has a wealth of crop and pose, camera angle and story line ideas to pillage, especially for the high end, luxury sector of the industry. It is a 'movie' that all aspiring fashionista's and art directors should watch.  

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Assistant Art Direction Job -

Studio Assistant

figleaves.com leads the world of intimate apparel e-tailers with the largest online collection of lingerie. We employ over 200 people, shipping lingerie, swimwear, menswear and much more to over 100 countries.
Duties: This is an operational role working between two areas – assisting the Studio Manager to organise in-house and creative shoots but mainly focusing on the smooth organisation of all shoots for the in-house studio team. This role reports into the Studio Manager.


• Assist Studio Manager with in house shoots, special projects and ad hoc photo shoot production
• Manage and update shoot list
• Timely receipt of samples for shoots
• Product prep prior to shooting
• Monitoring daily publishing plans ensuring ISNOS, critical and reshoots have visibility
• Naming of products during shoots
• Managing and communicating Studio schedule
• Make bookings/place options as directed by Studio Manager
• Confirmation of shoot teams
• Administration of studio costs
• Ensure images needed elsewhere in the business have been fed into retouching in a timely manner
• Location of missing images
• Management of reshoot samples and priority of shots
• Studio enquiries
• Organisation of castings
• Organise and traffic special shoots through creative, studio and imaging
• Ad hoc photography as requested by studio manager for stills/fashion
• Studio kit maintenance
• Contribute to ensure all imagery is premium and polished
Requirements: Skills and Experience

• Excel
• Exceptional organiser
• Fantastic communicator
• Positive can do attitude essential
• Quick learner
• Adaptive and responsive to environment
• Photography
• Proven experience of online fashion production/shoot and studio experience
• Mature approach - able to work from own initiative but also to realise when direction is needed
• Ability to smile through stressful periods and confidently represent the studio across other areas of the business
• Good commercial awareness
• Understanding of online fashion retail and the pace of a reactive business
• Work to tight deadlines with accuracy and speed
• Forward thinking, proactive and innovative
Hours: 35 hours per week
Salary: Approx £19,000 p.a.
To apply: Please send your CV and covering letter to b11@figleaves.com
Closing date: none given

Student Job - Branding -

Graphic design intern
N.J. Tinto & Co.

N.J. Tinto & Co. is chiefly an exporter of luxury goods. Our UK retail business is Appleby Parva, please seewww.applebyparva.com. We are also launching a further business in 2011.
Duties: Appleby Parva
Advertising and marketing; to prepare adverts and marketing material in-line with the company’s brand.
Photography; we always need new product shots. You will need an interest in photography and good photoshop skills.
Summer lifestyle campaign; we need ideas generation for our summer lifestyle marketing campaign.

New business
We are launching a new business in 2011. We will need a logo, branding, some website design (you will work with our developer on this), marketing material and stationery.

It is anticipated that you will spend half your time on Appleby Parva and half on the new business.
Requirements: This 6 week internship between 10 Jan 2011 and 18 Feb is being funded by a government grant, paying £1,200 for six weeks work. To be eligible for the grant you MUST have graduated from a full-time creative degree at a UK university within the last 2 years. If you do not meet these criteria you simply cannot be given the grant.

We need someone with good Adobe Creative Suite skills to prepare marketing and website designs. You must also be extremely creatively minded and willing to prepare and debate your ideas in a small team environment. You should also have an interest in photography. 
Hours: 9.30 to 5.30
Salary: £200 per week (for 6 weeks)
To apply: Please send a covering letter, cv and portfolio to jim.watson@njtinto.com
Closing date: 16 December 2010

Student Job, Fame could be beckoning!


An independent creative agency

A brand new online platform dedicated to fashion, those who make it, those who buy it and those who can't live without it, is looking for a presenter to host a weekly video show, keep our community buzzing with conversation and write a regular blog.

We'll need you for a couple of days a week and in return you'll get CASH! Oh and hopefully a whole bunch of free clothes if you're good at what you do.

If you're outgoing but not annoying, enjoy writing and meeting new people (both face to face and online) and fancy a kick start in Fashion journalism then give Stacey a shout at stacey@devilfishcreative.com
Requirements: - Outgoing (but not annoying)

- Enjoy writing and meeting new people (both face to face and online)

- Hungry for a kick start in Fashion journalism
Hours: 9am - 5pm, 'dependant on schedule'
Salary: £200 - £300 per week dependant on experience
To apply: Please email Stacey@devilfishcreative.com or contact 020 7240 9222
Closing date: 17.12.10

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Madrid versus London Xmas Decorations

Ribbons of lights in Chueca Madrid

Below Green cone tree in London's kings road 
Suspended light design over head in Plaza Mayor Madrid 
Green Tree next to the Saatchi gallery in the Kings Road London - very effective.

Suspended lights that looked like jelly fish over a Plaza Mayor market square in Central Madrid
Xmas Market net of light on Calle La Cruz - Central Madrid
Madrid Xmas swirls - very effectiven on Calle Arenal shopping street
Sloane Square lights outside Peter Jones
Madrid tree of light in Puerta del Sol central Madrid
Lavish chandeliers in Salamanca on Calle Serrano

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Pinterest - a useful source of photo inspiration for Art Directors


An interesting alternative to the photo library - here you will find lots of great images privately collated. I am not going to  join as I can see how time consuming it must be - however there are some wonderful collections to view - take a look, better than Polyvore...... 

Madrid Eco design innovation and style in Chueca

ECOMANIA a pioneering shop in the Chueca / Salamanca borders
Flamenco/fan earrings made from coffee machine foil lids, 
more innovation - base of a cocoa cola bottle made into flowers 
Base of a cocoa cola plastic bottle moulded into flowers for earrings, broaches or even buttons
Computer drive clocks 
broach corsage made from felt and  coffee maker foil lids, saw floral corsages worn on winter coats and in hair in Madrid
a recycled coffee pot made into a stylish lamp

cute purses made of old can pulls, 
Inner tyre brand and price, note the belt above
never tyre of style with this shoulder bag - a great statement to make -
Bags made from the inner tube of car tyres - 
stylish bags created from threading fizzy drinks can pulls - clever

Where there is wealth and time to have a conscience and choice there will be designer eco shops like this one. Which is entirely laudable. There is something very cool about having the courage and style to wear something that has been redesigned out of trash. This shop reminded me of Colin and Olivia Firths shop in Chiswick.
Cheuca is a bohemian arty zone similar to Notting Hill in Madrid with lots of independent retailers selling fashion and lifestyle goods and Salamanca is the equivalent of Knightsbridge or Chelsea where you will find all the high end brands such as Prada, Mui Mui, Loewe, Gucci and Chanel for example. 

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Madrid Winter Street Fashion

This girl looked great, her bag is Ben Sherman with Union Jack! fluted black wool coat with belt over jeans with checked gloves, note the patent heeled shoes worn with skinny jeans, very chic!

Madrid camel coats worn with trousers, a great sense of style

Same women from the back ....

Dam! I missed getting a frontal shot of these two, but the back is just as interesting, the quilted coat was a key Madrid Winter coat look, for sale in most Spanish shops without exception. The ankle mid calf or high boots a staple in Winter weather worn with skinny jeans or thick tights as we see here.
I like her irreverent layering and the cosy scarf and hat 
Animal print ( esp Leopard) was in almost every shop I went into,  a key look for winter, worn with style here ...
The duvet coat, worn with skinny leather trousers ! to be found in low mid and high price Spanish shops...

The black Duvet coat was popular and warm, a Zara staple seller  I imagine.......!

A great look, skinny leggings with cosy boots and a black felt hat - all the right proportions and combinations - looks effortlessly chic, I like the big black bag too

This photo explains why so many of my shots are from behind - mother is not happy but daughter is wearing a key Spanish footwear trend, Hunters boots or copies were worn often, and were represented in the shoe shops , some Wellies even having wedge heels... - great for walking the dog in a city too as they can be washed down so easily, didn't notice many poop scoops!  

This is how to wear a short coat - see right, note comfortable shoes , taken on a day when the weather had gone below freezing!

Classic boots, like the colour contrast and shape of big bag - a key Winter look 
Real fur was worn everywhere by a certain age group - the young tended to wear fake, I saw some beautiful fur coats.
I liked this bohemian cape, a cool look and probably her own design, 'make your own' is clearly a Madrid pass time as the fabric shops looked very prosperous and busy, with a fantastic selection of fabrics to choose from...

A typical Madrid Winter look, jeans worn with boots being the most popular.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Madrid Style - Agatha Ruiz de la Prada -

The entrance to the shop on Calle Serrano Madrid with her signature hearts as Xmas decor
bright colours, bold bright patterns, check out the brand bag designs 
variety of patterns - look in detail at the camouflage created entirely of hearts
toiletries on shelf - Agatha Ruiz lifestyle
reference to Beatle's Yellow Submarine, heart detail on accessories and all surface pattern designs...
see the bed linen hearts galore....
Agatha Ruiz de la Prada herself
Branding on sew in label
box design for linen section of shop
swing ticket detail 

children's section, animal print with signature heart

sequined xmas decorations
bag and swing ticket, prices were not over the top....
love the tree and xmas packaging paper designs.....click to enlarge
great umbrella design
multitude of accessories in whimsical patterns
An inspirational retail concept.

The Spanish have a unique retail design eye. Zara has lead the way in using technology to maximise sales and replenish stock using shop floor on the spot information direct to the ware house and supply chain. The methods have been mimicked by other high street players all over the world. We know Zara over here, so I focused on other Spain exclusive brands and retailers and will continue to feed back what I discovered - watch this space.
Agatha has accessory products in WH Smiths and John Lewis sells her children's shoes I discovered. She is a native of Madrid and lives there with her husband and children and also has her main design office there. As her long name might indicate Agatha is from a Spanish aristocratic family. She made her name in 1980 and at the age of 20 started her successful career in lifestyle / fashion branding.
She has outlets in Paris, Milan and New York, not London as yet. She like Paul Smith is a bit of a celebrity in her home country and is one of her country's best-known personalities in the clothing industry. There is an e shop attached to her main web site - 
I would have liked to see more branding photography on her website and in her shop. The clothes presented as they are on the eshop are difficult to imagine on the body. To me some styles are sack like and not very flattering, a good art director/fashion stylist and photographer working with the clothes may well have been able to convince me otherwise!
The eshop though a great web design has neglected using photography to sell the clothes as well as it could in my opinion, however her accessories speak for themselves and are more appealing.