Monday, 19 November 2012

Eton College Style - British Heritage that has Fashioned the Future

I love this red waist coat with skull and cross bones embellishment worn proudly by this Eton College pupil for Chapel. After choosing the colours and the theme the waist coat was designed by him as reward for winning an inter house competition and made up lovingly for him by his mother...
The Eton Scholar is defined by the black cloak that is worn with the traditional black suit, waistcoat and tails, note the famous Eton collar ....... 
By nature man is tribal, what we wear communicates which tribe we belong to.  Note the stylish tails and long trousers, bought deliberately long, the boys keep them for the duration of their time at the college and their growth is mapped by the eventual length...... 
Eton boys walking to watch 'The Wall Game' in stylish Scottish Tartan quilts. The Tartan was designed by 'Wilson's of Bannockburn' in the 18th Century. 

The house system is reflective of man's motivational need to compete and work as a team.
The house colours are the plumes worn with pride at inter house competitions. These boys are about to compete against a rival Eton College House in the historical Wall Game. 

A haka like display of unity and the boys are off to compete.

This pack mentality is reflected in all Sports many of which if not most were invented by the British....The Wall Game has not been adopted universally - though it probably was the seed that spawned Rugby....

Note the face paint, you go to any Football or Rugby match and the spectators adorn the same proud declaration of clan/tribe /team membership and support.

These stripes have been worn for over 250 years 

The opposition arrive over the Wall in their House colours

The Wall Game, the rival team in orange and purple house colours jump over the wall ready to compete

The house colours mix in as the different teams combine and compete...
Note the spectators stripy socks that reflect their house colours...
Shooting the Competition ! - Eton Rifles but in the form of a Camera ..

Eton College's historical setting...
Practical stylish winter jackets worn here by two sisters of Eton boys...

I really like this blue plaid coat dress worn with black drain pipe jeans and back zip leather boots...

His and her style, classic jeans and practical brown leather knee boots worn with a tweed jacket, hers is unaffected and effortlessly stylish

I didn't spot any Barbour jackets at Eton...this is because no one likes the jacket that has the logo emblazoned on the front, discreet is the order of the day...

His and her style.... I like her tweed jacket and the statement pocket detail at the front
I particularly liked the style of this young lady in the centre, her pleated print skirt worn with a belted cardigan and opaque tights and a black above knee coat looks great...

Love them or hate them the English Public school has had an enormous influence on Mens fashion for Centuries. It is a uniform and genre of fashion that is based on tradition and tribalism. The rest of the world admires and copies....
One may call it a form of elitism but it is in human nature to aspire and it is a need to compete that is the life blood that pumps through every ambitious generations veins.
Testament to this is the fact that the Luxury brand industry headed mainly at the moment by the French in the form of LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) and PPR ( Pinault Printemps Redoute) now the Kering Group is enjoying buoyant sales and share prices.
Our plumes or lack of them reflects our lifestyle, aspirations, status and tribe membership...

Copyright - Schelay McCarter
Words and Photographs Schelay McCarter - Pls credit 

Monday, 12 November 2012

Paul Smith - Glam intrigue Brand Concept 2011

Paul Smith Women's androgynous take on his very successful menswear offering has always intrigued me...There are elements in the collection that draw me in, the styling in always super cool and very seductively makes you want to be a Paul Smith woman. However I have always felt he has missed the fact that women want to look sexy when it comes to his brand campaign photography concepts..... his Catwalk shows convey this expertly...the girls look sexy, sassy and cool...Paul Smith tends to take the photographs on his marketing campaigns - Paul is an iconic figure in fashion moving increasingly into the hallowed stratospheres of Fashion Royalty, his brand is very Rock and Roll....this does not come across in his brand campaigns for women yet in my humble opinion.
For this reason I set my St Martins students a project to tackle this connumdrum. This is what one of them came up with....

To see some of my past Paul Smith catwalk show posts - put Paul Smith in the search box on the bottom right and they will come up.

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Thursday, 1 November 2012

Auraley ( London) - New Luxury children's sleepwear brand for ages 2- 8 yrs

Photographed in August Maisey here is modelling the Isabel nightdress from the new Auraley luxury sleepwear collection on location in fashionable Islington London. The house we used belonged to a TV producer and was on the books of a top location company. As you can see the room has wonderful natural light and a vivid green vine growing up the ornate Victorian balcony railings giving us a perfect backdrop for the shots.

Maisey modelling the Auraley 'Kate' Pyjamas, made from sumptuous soft cotton - £70.00

Poppy waiting patiently for her photo to be taken modelling the next phase of the Auraley collection of rich Autumn colours.

Maisey loved holding this Violin so much it inspired her into to taking lessons....

The Auraley brand shoot takes shape

Maisey practicing her technique for our photographer  

Both Maisey and Freddy previously modelled Burberry S/S 2011/12 children's collection.

The website has a brilliant high res zoom function on all the sleepwear styles so all the high quality and finish detail can been seem before you buy...

Freddy was a real treasure to work with....this is a shot I took to check the styling on the shoot.

The best in children’s Luxury sleepwear.

Launched today Auraley is a beautifully styled, high quality collection of designer childrens' sleepwear using sustainably sourced, wonderfully soft and sumptuous quality fabrics. 

For children age 2- 8, Auraley is the brain child of successful City lawyer, Kate Bennett ReaKate had always dreamt of combining her love of creative design with her entrepreneurial spirit.  It occurred to her in 2009, upon the birth of her children, that there was no reason to delay making her dream a reality. The seeds of Kate's vision for a new luxury sleepwear brand for small children started to take shape and germinate over the next three years, culminating in the launch today. 
Like anything worth having it has been a long and at times frustrating journey for Kate in her quest to produce an eco friendly, quality collection for the high end sector of the children's apparel market. 

The label is London based and proud of it. 

High quality manufacturing and styling finish is a fundamental requirement in Kate's vision for the Auraley Childrens' Luxury Sleepwear brand. 
This seasons beautiful Auraley collection is lovingly created by a small, luxury focused manufacturing company based in Europe. Kate is already working with them on a Autumn /Winter 2013 collection to be revealed later in the new year at Bubble London.

I have been involved with the project right from the start working with Kate on the branding vision, Art Direction, project management of the brand and online shop 'buy from' photography and PR.  Website realisation and design by Nik Lodge and Steve Sage. It is wonderful to see Kate realise her dream.....

A full page brand campaign was placed in top children's magazine Angels & Urchins today. 

Auraley will be available for Buyers at the premier Children's clothing fair Bubble London at the Islington Design Centre on the 27th and 28th January next year.

Orders can be taken now from the Auraley website.  
With Christmas and the holiday season around the corner Auraley makes the perfect gift for children to wear on Christmas eve....making the celebration that bit more luxurious and indulgent...

Check out The Little style Book where the very best of children's clothing can be found.   

Prices start at £52.00