Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Theo vii studio AW 17/18 London Fashion Week - Fashion Scout @ Freemasons’ Hall

In the world of Shamanism theo vii studio’s AW 2017 collection is a homage to a path that each Shaman takes on to grow in experiences and fortunate spirits. Such a retrospective of cross-dimensional travels has been bravely captured by the trio of designers, Miao Ho, Yu Ding and Tan Xue Yi, who fused textures, silhouettes, colours and energies in a high-class innovative manner. Tribal head-neck accessories, tassels, sequins and reflective beading techniques were spiritually uplifting jackets, multi-length dresses and tailoring to celebrate all the places a Shaman has ever travelled to.
Coupling that powerful spirit of exploration was a Freemasons Hall interior with models
fast-walking to ‘Freedom’, paying a tribute to another Shaman, his never-ending journey and all the talismans he has shared with us via music (and fashion moments)!

Copy and photos by Magdalena Pokorska pls credit

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Monday, 20 February 2017

ALEXIS CARBALLOSA – UNBOUND: London fashion week AW2017/18

Presented by Fashion Scout - Freemasons’ Hall, February 19th London Fashion Week Day 3 

The inspiration behind Carballosa’s Autumn/Winter 2017 collection was clear to see. Described as “the relationship between the depth of the exotic underwater world and the limitless universe,” the theme was captured through the designer’s use of colour, movement, and embellishments, as well as the fabric textures and lustres. 

Extravagantly embellished sleeves were featured throughout the collection, showcased brilliantly through Carballosa’s signature use of gossamer fabrics, which were also used to add extraordinary volume to the pieces, as well as to create both exaggerated asymmetrical, and classic feminine silhouettes.  

Adding to the exotic underwater motif of the show, models took the catwalk in a very restful, noticeably slow pace. As well, models in specific garments were seen to hold their skirt trains out behind them, and lightly sway them as they walked in order to create extra movement and to accentuate the fluidity of the pieces.  

Wet ocean tousled strands of hair lining the face, along with intricate one of a kind headpieces that looked to be inspired by coral and seaweed adorned each model and added a certain je ne sais quoi to compliment the entire collection. 

With thanks to Cara Rutledge for copy and photos - pls credit 

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HALUMINOUS DNA London Fashion week AW 17/18

The location of the presentation was set up with a shrine made up of candles and flowers reflecting the name of the collection “Floral DNA”, the title of the collection was also shown through the music with lyrics of  “I am a flower but also a human”  sung over deep music. One of  the models starts walking with a lost look and then into a dance as if she was possessed. Models follow acting in the same possessed way as the first.
The designer used a mixture of looks, for instance basic pieces such as jumpers and skirts embroidered with flower designs and frills were also used on shirts and trousers. Hannah Kim demostrated that in fashion, designers can mix different styles within one collection.

The presentation was very intense , this feeling is created through the use of strong colours, performance of the models and the choice of acid folk music.

Thank you to Alejandra Estrada for her copy and photography

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ANNDERSTAND A/W 2017/18 London Fashion Week.

Fashionscout Catwalk 
Freemasons’ Hall, 
Sunday February 19th 13:30pm

Most certainly a ‘Romantic Revolution’

It was a beautiful collection filled with romance in the air, coming through with soft pink tones, prints and loose fitting comfortable separates but also conveyed a strong sense of power which comes across in the elements of masculine tailoring, a very convincing trend this season.

This Autumn/Winter 2017 collection by ANNDERSTAND featured heavy embroider military capes in a rich velvet which conveyed a sense of drama to the collection. These heavy pieces were contrasted with printed pyjama style gowns. Which looked absolutely striking.

The rich colour palette of navy and black is softened with smoky grey and ivory tones which gives that romantic soft almost warn feel. Hints of leopard print are leaked through the collection which again brings that romance and power to such a wearable collection.

ANNDERSTAND’s Autumn/ Winter 2017 collection had a recognisable theme throughout. I think it was a very successful and strong wearable collection.

Thank you to Romy Becker for her copy and photography - please credit 

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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Fashion Thought for the Day - Why we copy style icons

The nerdy world of science has explained why we imitate style icons like Kate Moss & David Beckham.
Evolution experts reckons the masses are quick to copy in an effort to satisfy their appetite for change!
We need style icons for ideas - we like to imitate successful people - in the past it was Royals ( with the one exception of Kate Middleton) now it is top of the tree culture idols.
Dr Alex Bently, an anthropologist who has published his study in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour said 'Innovators are the cool ones who 'pump' new fashion into our world.' 'And in a finding that won't surprise many' , he notes ' It's change itself that is in demand - more or less regardless of content.' 
Madonna knows this - staying on top for two decades by constantly changing her image'. She art directs her look using new ideas. David Bowie's genius was based on change and reinvention- refreshing his image in tune with his music. We need change - but maybe not in American Politics ! However choosing Trump could be us choosing 'out with the old in with the new' because we humans are conditioned to want it whether it is good for us or not !

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