Thursday, 13 August 2020

CSM Art Direction for Fashion - Student Project - The New Office Hours

The Shot Sequencing - STAGE 3 Planning 


Sophie Werner joined me as a student on my online Central Saint Martins course Art Direction for Fashion.

Over the last 6 weeks she has been working on a multimedia applicable project in three stages to showcase and sell fashion. she decided to focus on how we are feeling about what we wear to work from home as well as how this will impact when we at some point are allowed to return to an onsite office location to work - she concluded that COVID 19 is changing the way we dress for work.  How is the question addressed here......Lock down is changing our styling to a more relaxed and informal aesthetic - this new attitude is affecting what we buy - how much we buy - where we shop - how we feel about life and what is important to us. 

Clothes reflect how we are feeling, our choices of what we wear is a siren to our aspirations and reflect our mood, sometimes it is not what we wear it is 'how we wear them' that counts.

© Art Director Sophie Werner

Creative Director - Schelay McCarter