Sunday, 22 May 2011

Stella McCartney - POP magazine year 2000

POP magazine year 2000 cover 

A feature on Pole dancing where Stella and a group of friends among them Phoebe Philo and Liberty Ross have their photos taken in these provocative poses ! Like Zumba classes today Pole dancing was de rigeur then and everyone was doing it. Photographer: Phil Poynter Art Director:  Katie Grand.

Stella was just at the beginning of her fashion career here and was designing for Chloe with Phoebe Philo. Tom Ford under the direction of Claude Arnault of LVMH pursued her to work for them in Paris on her own label. Alexander McQueen was also asked to jump on board and did at that time. Stella has never looked back. She is now with PPR (Pinault-Printemps-Redoute competition to LVMH and her label is a thriving fashion house. Stella the middle child of Linda and Paul McCartney has proved herself to have the same drive and ambition of her father Sir Paul and late mother Linda who was also a business woman in her own right. With three children and another on the way Stella decided to launch her own children's wear collection. Check out fashiontent4kids to find out more. 

copy Schelay McCarter - please credit