Thursday, 10 June 2010

Celia Birtwell a hit at the V & A

Celia Birtwell today a successful home furnishings fabric designer

Celia Birtwell's Top Shop collection in 2006 - sold out in a day!

My favourite dress from her recent John Lewis collection.

A very rock n roll image of Ossie Clark and and Celia Birtwell in Notting hill London during their creative 1970s heyday.

The David Hockney portrait of Celia Birtwell and Ossie clark.

I booked to listen to stylist supremo Katie Grand and Beatle's Sergeant Pepper Album cover designer Peter Blake's Friday night lecture at the V&A in May and June this year. Both of them have cancelled their talks. Katie Grand because she got a better offer and Peter Blake due to 'an unavoidable personal commitment' surely he knew about this when he committed to the date ! He postponed 3 days before the date originally booked!! rescheduling on the 2nd of July! which now I can't make and will have had to get a refund. The V & A booking site is not the quickest or easiest to navigate resembling Hampton Court maze in it's lay out!
Bravo to design icon of the 1970s Celia Birtwell who I went to see and listen to last year at the V & A's Friday evening lecture venue - she stuck to her date and was absolutely awesome to listen to.
Celia Birtwell was married to the designer Ossie clark, she designed the prints for his collections whilst he created the beautifully tailored dresses that came to epitomise the 1970s romantic look. Both were friends of painter David Hockney. He painted them both in their home, the painting has become as famous as a Warhol and epitomises that era.