Saturday, 6 November 2010

Burberry Classic Check is back!

Quite like this red check bag..not sure about the rest though....
NEW Burberry check with water mark

Try as I might I cannot bring myself to re embrace the Burberry check  - I still remember the bad investment I made buying a Burberry hand bag in 2004. I happily sported my authentic Burberry bag with pride not suspecting that the fakes bought for £3.99 at the local market were taking off in a big way on the shoulders of every one else, mostly those who wore it from head to foot with gay abandon! I won't say any more as I will sound snobby and I am not really! Yes I know this was a long time ago now and Burberry has moved on but for me the check is just too distinctive.
International demand and sales success I assume is the impetus for the relaunch, The Far Eastern fashionista's can't get enough of the check apparently, enough said .....

I am sure Burberry must know what they are doing though, I wish Burberry luck with the reintroduction of the check, hoping I am proved wrong.