Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Vintage Film - icon Grace Kelly in High Society -

High Society clip - wonderful !

There has been much written about Grace Kelly and her influence on fashion and style - the most recent being a tribute exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
She had an extraordinary life - the fantasy life she played in film became reality when she married Price Rainier of Monaco - 

Her films were absolutely brilliant - the art direction superb - I have pulled some stills from one of her best films 'High Society' , the story line is extraordinary - and so modern and relevant today- I will say no more, just see it and you will see what I mean !
Her huge talent and enigmatic presence comes across in this and other films from this period. 

I inform my students how film can be used as inspiration for fashion and brand ideas for advertising and editorial shoots - High Society has a has a wealth of crop and pose, camera angle and story line ideas to pillage, especially for the high end, luxury sector of the industry. It is a 'movie' that all aspiring fashionista's and art directors should watch.