Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Celebrating 40 Years of Colour & Culture at Cosmetics á la Carte

Cutting the edge of beauty. Monolithe 111. Lady Gaga by Alex Nobel. Inspired by Flush Blush and Bubble gum lip gloss worn by the pop star on BBC breakfast news.

Articles and photographs feature in the history section 
The Gallery was swarming with people keen to try out the Cosmetics a La Carte collection

The exhibition on until the 26th May at 50 Redchurch street London E2 7DP is divided into 4 sections starting with the history section and is well worth a visit...

Co founder of Cosmetics a la carte here featured centre...

It all started with one idea: “Find your look and be fabulous”. Forty years on, Cosmetics á la Carte still focuses on this female empowerment. Only this time its journey to the forefront of the beauty industry has been rolled out for all to see.
40 Years of Colour & Culture at Cosmetics á la Carte is a retrospective of the brand which includes some celebrity defining products. This includes the Kate Moss Lip Gloss which contains 24 carat gold pieces and the first ever foundation for black skin, which was designed for singer Grace Jones. But don't be fooled, this is no pop-up makeup counter. The exhibition starts with the brand's history then blurs the boundaries between make-up and art.
Curator Ryan Lanji is known for this style and in this retrospective the products are used as a source of inspiration. The flush blush and bubblegum lipgloss worn by Lady Gaga along with Princess Diana's favourite nude toast lipgloss are transformed into sculptured pieces created by Alex Noble.
For Cosmetics á la Carte co-founder Lynne Sanders, it hardly feels like 40 years.
I had no idea until Ryan started his investigation into my history that (I realised) what exactly we have been a part of. I am amazed, pleased, really flattered and I really feel like it was a really great way to celebrate the 40th birthday.”
Today, the beauty industry follows what Cosmetics á la Carte forged - that women want to test beauty products privately. And while some say they led the industry in that regard, now the pressure is on to stay ahead. Not that Lynne Sanders is expecting to slow down.
It's a work in progress. I wish I could say that one day I will retire but I really don't think I am into retirement. I want to make sure that it's in good shape to go forward. We have to grow from being a tiny company into something that is more sustainable without me. We need to get bigger premises, we need to get an understudy for me so that I can have a holiday!”
While the shop at 16 Motcomb Street houses this brand's beginnings, bigger windows could be on the horizon. If that's the case, this could be one of many retrospectives for Britain's first bespoke beauty brand.
40 Years of Colour & Culture at Cosmetics á la Carte is on display at The Gallery 50 Redchurch Street, London E2 7DP. May 21-26. 10am – 6pm daily.

Thank you to Kirsty Bennett - fashiontent's guest writer who covered the Private view /Press event for me last night. I have a black eyeliner pen from the Cosmetics a la Carte range, it is brilliant to use as it is so easy to apply and dosn't smudge at all.... 
Copy and Photos by Kirsty Bennett 2013