Saturday, 21 February 2015

Day 1 London Fashion Week AW15 What people wore !

A photo taken in the Press Room at Somerset house. 

A grey first day but at least it didn't rain....

Pretty in Pink

Red net skirt looked great here with a black styling base

Interesting version of Charlie Chaplin in bondage. People dress up to be seen at London Fashion Week, at least the clothes here have some style merits unlike other attempts at getting noticed that I refuse to record!

Black base and splash of bright green works !

I love the texture of this jacket and the bright colour on a grey day did us all some good!

The London Fashion week hat ! here it is with the signature designer hand bag on show.
A good example of how to wear a cape!
Navy the new black ?? maybe, definitely in Paris. 

Here we have floral shoulder pad detail with large spot trousers and a fake fur animal print  back pack.
Well I liked it !

A true fashionista outfit, I do like the funky colours and texture of her jacket 

Check out the nails - this talented designer / journalist has a confident style and knows what suits her

So pleased to see a new way of wearing a white shirt, notice the layers - it was cold yesterday !

Yes back to textures and fake Yeti fur coats, looks cosy and great with jeans

Black leather jacket and gold floral skirt equals style heaven

© Schelay McCarter