Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Feminist trend or just Girls wanting to wear Boys clothes ?

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Check out BBC2 Dr Amanda Foremans documentary in 4 parts called 'the accent of Women' on iplayer now.
The documentary by Dr Amanda Foreman should be watched by us girls - more importantly we should get our male partners and sons to watch it too so ignorance is not bliss! There are frankly quite shocking revelations exposed in this insisive documenary about how women have been suppressed, and when successful erradicated from the history archives. Are we such a threat ? clearly yes if Amanda Foreman's findings are to be believed!
Is it just my imagination or is there a bit of a feminist movement gathering momentum? see below...

How we want to dress has always been a subliminal way of expressing how we feel. Chanel revolutionised how women saw themselves in the 1930s, her Tom Boy short hair cuts, loose not louche style was revolutionary after the oppressive Edwardian corsetry our Great grandmothers were forced to endure.Think back to the 80s and Margaret Thatcher and power dressing, Melanie Griffiths in the movie working Girl summed this period up.
One of my students last night told us in class that Sienna Miller recently in fury turned down a West End stage part because her male counterpart was being offered more money than her even though she was a bigger star...!! Shocking this is going on today. Some may say that women have never had it so good in the West today - but still there are career and pay discrepancies ! 
Are there definite rumblings of dissatifaction with the status quo ?- perhaps fashion is reflecting this mood in the cross gender dressing trend of 'his is Hers' or 'Girls wear Boys' - Ralph Lauren calls it 'Borrowed from the Boys' in the brands Fall Winter 15 now it is truly main stream !!

Copy - Schelay McCarter pls credit.