Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Anastasia Tumanova Online Fashion Art Direction Project

Student Profile

Anatasia Tumanova is based in Moscow. I had the pleasure of teaching her on my online course Art Direction for Fashion short course. She is a fashion illustrator in her free time and works full time on a variety of graphic design technology branding projects for Media Arts Group.  Here is her instagram page -
I really love her fashion illustrations.

Anastasia developed a fashion editorial narrative based on Autumn Winter 19/20 international Womens Catwalk fashion trends for print, promo and online usage. 

The idea developed in 3 stages, idea generation, creative team curation, and lastly fashion narrative shot sequence planning.

Please view below. 
The idea is based on the theme New Years Eve Party celebrations in Moscow City, set against the backdrop of a sparkling and beautiful snow blanket that falls every year.
The styling is 'new grunge',  the accent colour orange, the wardrobe glamorous party dresses, high heeled shoes and large snug coats in which 3 girls set off on separate journeys across the city, navigating the snow clad streets to meet up link up, throw snow balls , have a laugh together then see the New Year in together.  

This idea will translate well into a short fashion film, I look forward to seeing the results and hope that Anasastia will make her vision a reality.

 Stage 2 - Team Curation

Stage 3 - Shot sequence Planning 

© Anastasia Tumanova

copy - creative direction and tutor - Schelay McCarter - instagram fashiontentt
Project produced by Anastasia on an online course called Art Direction for Fashion directed by schelay for Csm in London