Saturday, 27 March 2010

Natalie Massenet not sold out....

Natalie Massenet brain child behind Net-a-Porter a company that has risen over the last ten years to become one of the top high end etailers in the world has sold her share stake.
It would seem by looking at Net-a-Porter's profit margin us girls are still buying expensive designer clothes in the down turn and we like to do it on line. Net-a-Porter makes it so easy!
Massenet is expected to walk away with 50 million from the sale of her share of the company to Swiss group Richemont.
Who can begrudge her one penny of that when one thinks of the jobs she has created in the development of her successful business. She has worked her socks off for the last ten years in a high risk competitive area. She unlike top bankers (with an equivalent sum given in one year in bonus) has earned her money and given something back to the economy. Well done Natalie we applaud you.