Friday, 11 March 2011

Cotillion Battalion, fashion survival - fashiontent archive

An Art direction project from my archive - it was developed with Rachel Neely just after the banking crisis was main news 2 years ago - Now we have a state of Nuclear emergency in Japan with two nuclear reactors at serious risk. The question is which way will the wind blow? scary! The worlds money markets will potentially go into fall out tomorrow over this. It makes the Libyan problem seem insignificant which it is not! Dress down chic / survival chic may be the name of the game, it is not quite so cool when it becomes real! but in reality anything can be glamourised - heroine chic was a big trend and though very controversial launched Kate Moss I recall with photographer Corrine Day. 
It was Mario Testino who transformed her look into a 'hot ' South American inspired muse later which propelled her to super model status.