Saturday, 11 February 2012

Mary Quant at the V&A

The iconic Mary Quant is speaking at the V&A on the 16th March. Wow! I went to listen to the amazing Celia Birtwell a few years ago at the V&A and it really was inspiring hearing her talk about her time in the 1970s working with and being married to Ozzie Clarke. Quant was as much part the swinging 60s as Bailey, Shrimpton, the Beatles and the Stones and it was she who developed the Mini skirt and hot pant which formed the then new and revolutionary stylish, sexy and emancipated silhouette reflecting the growing confidence of women and their role in society.
Mary Quant was born in my native Blackheath and educated at Blackheath High School for Girls. She went on to study Illustration at local Goldsmiths college. in 1963 she won the The Times international fashion award and was voted woman of the year. The Swinging 60s began.