Saturday, 26 May 2012

Mobile Phone Commerce set to grow in use for retail sales...

Multi purpose use - the mobile phone is set to rule our shopping habits - 
mobile phone use is the future for on the go shopping. 
Chinese invasion
Many chinese attended London Fashion Week in February 
15% of Selfridges web site sales traffic comes from mobile phones.
Online shopping in China the worlds fastest growing consumer of Luxury goods is as yet untapped. It only accounts for 13% of sales currently. There are 1 billion mobile phone users in China. There are 513 million Chinese internet users accounting for only 38% of the population. The figures are staggering, Weibo is China's version of twitter having 250 million users !
The Chinese love 'brand UK' - Mulberry and  Burberry are enjoying buoyant sales and brand presence out there at the moment.
Instagram a social media app ( a fast image sharing format upload facility) is worth investigating and has been integrated into Jimmy Choo's recent marketing campaign...In April facebook bought it for 629m.

Copy and Photographs by SchelayMcCarter 2012 London Fashion Week Please credit