Monday, 11 June 2012

New York - Running shoe trend - bright flash of neon colour on feet looks great

these ASICs caught my eye on Madison Ave
I like the pattered sole and bright colours
Nike do brights 

His and hers Nike brights 

A flash of colour on New York Streets....

Look out for this trend for wearing bright coloured and patterned trainer/running shoes hitting London much like the bright coloured jeans trend did last year - An extension to the Sports/daywear merge that is happening at the moment where breathable fabrics and comfort with style are deriguer for an active, easy, laid back lifestyle....upgrading style and comfort into the luxury market will follow - I predict Chanel, Dior will be doing a diffusion Sportswear collection...this is a trend that started with the Hip Hop Tribe and has been adopted by the mainstream New York set, even if it is only the funky trainers at the moment - I wanted to get some and asked a Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike in Bergdorf Goodman or was it Bloomingdales where she got hers. She helpfully said the 'Running shop' off 38th - I tracked it down to near Columbas Circus. There are plenty of ASICS, Nike and NEWTONs on the internet but  the patterned and coloured trainers as in the first shot at the top of this post are not easy to find - have any of you out there got any ideas ?

Copy and Photography Schelay McCarter pls credit